Algebra Thursday

Students took notes on writing fractions as decimals using equivalent fractions over powers of 10, using long division and using benchmark fractions.

Fraction to decimal notes

Students practiced these skills and predicting terminating vs repeating decimals by completing unit 4.2, due November 27 (when we get back from Thanksgiving Break).

Science Wednesday

Launch Day!

Thursday will be spent finalizing papers and analyzing data.

Algebra Wednesday

Students took part 2 of their LFP test.

Science Monday and Tuesday

Students are completing their rocket design challenge and rocket building.

We will launch rockets on Wednesday.  Final papers are due after Thanksgiving, but can be completed and handed in before break if they are done.

Algebra Monday

Students used today to finish quiz 2 revisions, due before the test on Tuesday.

Tuesday and Wednesday:  Test. (Students who are going on the choir field trip on Tuesday should plan to take the test on Wednesday during 6th period.)

Science Wednesday and Thursday

Students launched experimental rockets on Wednesday and gathered data.

Students started their final design research and building.  Background research should be done for each change to the original design.   Data from first round of launches should be used to justify changes.  The completed challenge  will be due the week after Thanksgiving.

Final launches will occur on Wednesday, 11/15.

For the design challenge, which should be typed or handwritten as a report, students should include:

  • The “Problem” (given on Engineering Challenge sheet)
  • A sketch including dimensions and key features and mass  (see engineering design worksheet)
  • Background information (3-5 paragraphs) including articles, class data and citations (You are to justify the changes that you are making to the original design.)
  • A prediction of how far you think they will fly and why.
  • A data table of the actual flight data and the average.
  • Key observations from the flights including orientation of launch, direction of flight, etc.
  • Answers to numbers 6, 7, 8 of the engineering  challenge sheet.

Algebra Wednesday and Thursday

Students took their quiz on Wednesday.  On Thursday they revised their quizzes.

Test on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Science Tuesday

Rocket launches Wednesday!

Students should be able to justify the changes made to their rockets based upon research.  Articles should be cited.  Students are encouraged to use the citation maker:

citation maker

Students will need login information when using Citation Maker off campus (found on library part of Athey’s web page).

Algebra Tuesday

Quiz Wednesday

Due Wednesday before the quiz:  Green “distance theorem” practice sheet.

Due Thursday: Quiz 1 revisions WR #5 revisions, mathxl “Chapter 3” LFP

Test:  Tuesday 11/14 and Wednesday 11/15

Additional ACE practice:  Chapter 2:  44, 45, 46, 65

Chapter 3:  18-21, 27, 29,30

Chapter 4:  30, 31, 38-42

WR #6 revisions due 11/16 (Thursday)


Science Monday

We continued building rockets and will continue building and researching on Tuesday.  We hope to launch our first set on Wednesday.  Students should have research that they are using to justify the changes made to their rockets.  The research and articles will be used to support their hypothesis on their final rocket that they build.

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