Science Friday

We started Waves (sound and light) today.  Students used ropes to simulate waves and wrote answers to questions on page 3 in their text.  We then started looking at the text, section 1.

All revisions and late work must be in no later than Wednesday, 1/17.

Algebra Friday

Today students explored quadratic graphs and equations.  We will continue with work on 2.4 on Monday.  Students who were here do not need to work on the unit at home.  Students who were absent should read 2.4 and try to work A 1 and 2.

Due 1/26:  WR #9

Monday and Wednesday are office hours.  All revisions and test retakes/make-ups must be done by Wednesday morning.

Science Thursday

We continued our exploration of the interactions of electricity and magnetic fields by building a simple motor.

For further explanation, see this site:


SST’s were due today.  They are the last grade for Quarter 2!

Algebra Thursday

Today we explored data patterns in quadratic functions.

Students worked together to complete this sheet in their groups.

Quadratic pattern exploration

We then used the patterns we found on the worksheet to find the pattern in unit 3.1.  Students also worked through a guided method of writing the equation, given a table of values.  Students who were present finished the work.  Students who were absent are welcome to come in on Monday morning during my office hours to work through the activity.

Due Friday, 1/26:  WR #9

Revisions for quarter 2 need to be done by Wednesday morning.

Science Tuesday

Today we revisited SST’s and Electricity.  We viewed a video about Faraday’s discoveries and then set out to make our own simple motors.

SST’s due Thursday!

Algebra Tuesday

Students used class time to complete missing work, mathxl, and to study for tomorrow’s quiz.

Due Wednesday:  at 8 am mathxl, and all late work due before the quiz.

See previous post for quiz learning targets.


Science Friday

Students continued work with SST’s and/or their exploration of static electricity.

Additional explanations of Static Electricity from Physics Classroom:

Static Electricity explained through Physics Classroom

SST’s due Thursday.

Algebra Friday

Students handed in WR and continued practice factoring quadratic expressions into binomial factors.  Students are checking their work by distributing or foiling.

Due Tuesday:  Yellow practice sheet, numbers 1-27, ALL.

Wednesday:  Mathxl due and Quiz.

Office hours next week:  Wednesday morning, 8:15-9.

Learning Targets for Algebra FFPC Quiz 1

  • I can identify a quadratic expression from  the equation and the graph.
  • For a  fixed perimeter, I can determine the rectangle dimensions  that will create the rectangle with the greatest area.
  • I can draw the graph and write the equation to represent a rectangle problem (above).
  • I can multiply two binomials to expand a quadratic expression.
  • I can factor the expanded quadratic expression into factors.

Science Thursday

Students continued exploration of “invisible forces” by working on the static electricity exploration.

Students continue to work on their electricity SST’s.  SST’s should be done by Thursday of next week, 1/18/18.

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