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    April 16, 2017
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  • April 16th, 2017

    quarter 3 grades


    I’ll be entering grades on Monday April 17,  c

    Check that  evening your students grades.  Let me know if you have any questions.

    Students are encouraged to see me in morning to get help with make up work and tests to take or retake.  quarter 4 begins April 17th, Monday.  New gradebooks.

    8th grade.                                                                                                                                                                                Tener idioms and household chores (Los quehaceres)  structures  Tener que + infinitive and Tener ganas de + infinitive.   Test  Block period April 11 and 12.  Tuesday/Wednesday.  Beginning the city unit on Friday.  Quarter 4, new gradebook starts on Monday April 17th.

    7th grade.

    Estar with emotions this week Test next week April 11 and 12th.  Beginning Weather/Nature unit.  Students are encouraged to see me in morning to get help with make up work and tests to take or retake.  quarter 4 begins April 17th, Monday.  New gradebooks.

    6th grade.   Numbers to 100 and Me gusta and common activities.  Test Friday April 14th.  Quarter 4 new gradebooks begin April 17th.  Will be starting descriptions of people, personal pronouns and the verb SER.

    March 7th, 2017

    March 5-10


    8th: this week students are creating yes/no questions and changing verb forms between the questions and the answers.  They perform the interview and write up a final draft of the questions and answers formally.  Turn in.

    Test this Friday on 4 main area:  1.  knowledge of subject pronouns (I, you, he…)  2.  meanings of first verb set (they have flashcards)  3.  Basic conjugations of these regular verbs,  4. adverbs of frecuancy (always, everyday, sometimes,  never….) 5. asking and answering yes/no questions.


    7th grade:  this week reviewing family vocabulary, body parts, describing people (agreements and syntax) and expressing possession.  Comparison of the use of TENER/SER in how they express descriptions.

    Test this Friday over spelling and identification of body parts.  They will label “The MAN” with 20 correctly spelled body parts and can earn up to ten extra credit points for more that they have learned.

    We will begin the drawing of the monster project family tree this week.  Then they will put it all together in a descriptive written compostion.

    6th grade:  Learning to express dates, birthdays, telling time and numbers to 30.


    February 24th, 2017

    Feb 21-24


    8th grade Test  Big numbers  Block day  2 period Tuesday,  period 1  Wednesday

    7th grade  Test numbers  Block day  period 4  Tuesday   period  3  Wednesday

    6th grade:  Test  Block day  period 6  Tuesday  Period 5  Wednesday

    6th grade test:  numbers 0-10 written, 11-30 recognize, days of week, colors, greeting, farewells

    , names,  alphabet, vowels.


    February 8th, 2017

    February 7-17th 2017


    8th graders:  All students have received opening papers and resources.  They are to bring to class everyday in a three ring binder or folder.  Starting off with classroom communications and Common Questions.  Oral Test on Common questions will take place during block period next week, Feb. 14-15.  Students should be practicing in class and at home.  Next up BIG NUMBERS!  0-1.000.000.


    7th graders.  All students have review packet and will be working on classroom communication and Common questions from last year.  Oral TEST on Common questions will take place during block periods next week.  Students will be working in class with practice partner and can also practice at home.  review of numbers to 100 coming up.


    6th graders:  Welcome to Spanish.  Starting off strong and setting up class routines.  We will be practicing greetings, names, introductions, the sound system, the alphabet, numbers, days, colors…and more!

    February 7th, 2017



    Semester 1 students!  If you have any irregularities or questions about your grades, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I tried my best to be accurate and fair but I don’t want you to have received a grade that is not accurate!  Remember,  mornings are the best time to find me!


    SEMESTER 2 students!  Welcome.  In this blog I will give a general outline of what we are doing in each of my levels.  Make sure you see me if you have been absent or need anything you have missed.  Mornings are best time to see me 8:30-9:00 most days except Thursdays.


    January 6th, 2017

    January 2017


    8th grade:  These last four weeks will be devoted to communication around foods, meals and restaurants.  Students will learn lots of vocabulary of common foods, foods typical to different meals, traditional foods in Mexico, Latin America and Spain.  Students will be able to express food preferences and wants; be able to order foods and various beverages in a restaurant.  They will describe foods as being delicious, spicy, mild and be able to compliment foods.  In addition, students will be able to identify serving utensils and request anything they might need from a waiter.  Grammatical learning with two verb structures and backward verbs are also practiced at this time.  Buen Provecho =  bon appetit!

    7th grade:  We are finishing up our postcards this week of a trip/vacation.  Due Monday.  Next week we begin our verb unit!  Students will learn over 50 verbs and how to conjugate them in simple sentences.  Studnts will have flashcards provided and bring them to class everyday.  They SHOULD go through their flashcards at home everyday saying the verbs a loud and working toward memorizing all the meanings.

    6th grade:  This month:  People!  descriptions!  First verb SER  to be!  students will be learning to put descriptions in sentences with subject pronouns while making appropriate agreements as to plural/singular and masculine/feminine.

    6th grade.  The last two weeks we will learn the verb TENER and a poem students will memorize with gestures.  In thi verb we will learn objects in the classroom and family and hopefully have time to include communication around  possession, who owns what?  Who is related to whom?

    November 21st, 2016

    Between Thanksgiving and Winter break


    8th grade:  The CITY unit.  Students will be learning to identify major public places and streets and areas in a city.  They can express location of places in relationship to other places and express distances.  They will learn the verb IR  (to go) and express why and how frequently they go there.They will work on giving directions and understanding directions to various places.    Before break, they will begin the FOOD/restaurant unit and start building vocabulary around fruits and other food groups and meals.  After break, students will practice and perform communication necessary for restaurant communcation.

    7th grade:  MY favorite unit!!  Students will learn to express the weather/ identify seasons in Oregon and in other climates in the world.  They will associate weather will clothing choices as they learn to identify clothing they and others wear.  mini project around writing a postcard from an imaginary trip they have and communicating about weather and activities and clothing in that climate.  This unit provides lots of opportunity for drawing and experiencing common nature words.


    6th grade:  Down to work.  Students are learning to use a bilingual dictionary and are given class time to explore the dictionary as they look for nouns and adjectives for a children’s alphabet book.  They will compose and illustrate a couple pages of a book, keeping focus on agreements between words.

    Next, we learn people identifiers like the man, the men, women, children, etc.  How to use pronouns to represent people.  They get their first verb:  SER  (to be) and learn its forms and put together simple sentences describing people, their physical characteristics and personality.  Embedded in all this are the grammatical foundations of the language, agreements, subject-verb connections.

    See you all back in January!  Felices Fiestas  (happy holidays)


    November 17th, 2016

    November 28- December 16


    Dear parents,

    After much consideration and a heavy heart I have decided to take a short leave of absence between Thanksgiving and Winter Break to attend to family medical needs that have arisen this past month.  Luckily I have  found an experienced substitute who is highly qualified to teach my lessons.  Danielle Briggs has taught Spanish and has subbed for me this year.   The students have responded favorably to her and I feel confident that they will enjoy her and learn a lot from her.  I intend to return in January and address any needs that students may have.  I fully intend to have the grade books all updated prior to Thanksgiving and leave make up tests for students and all my lessons for these three weeks.  Of course students will be able to get help and make up tests or assignments in January.  I hope this short break does not cause undo stress on anyone and that is will be enjoyable for the students to hear and learn Spanish from another teacher.  Please feel free to email me if you feel the need.  I will try to check my school mail regularly.

    warm regards,

    Diane Wells

    PS  I will also outline our lessons on this blog for the time I will be gone.

    November 10th, 2016

    November 6-10 and beyond


    To students and parents,  I have been setting up my Quarter 2 grade books and will have them totally updated before Thanksgiving.  Grades may jump around in the beginning but hopefully stabilize as more assignments are added.


    8th  These last two weeks we have practiced TENER IDIOMS and tested today.  Also working on the house LA CASA, and chores we have to do. How often we do chores and other people who do chores around the house.  Homework given on Friday for MOnday,  worksheet where students draw various rooms and label 4 items typically found in that room.  Next week we will begin the city  LA CIUDAD unit and will be learning to express going to places, how frecuantly and for what purpose.  We will also be learning our prepositions of location and memorizing a rhyme.  Student will be able to describe locations of buildings with relationship to streets and other places in the city.


    7th  EMOCIONS.  We are learning the verb ESTAR  (How you feel and where you are, always use the verb ESTAR!) and practicing expressing emotion.  Students are to draw faces on their weekend homework and turn in on Monday.  Units related to weather, nature and clothing are coming up prior to xmas.

    6th grade.  Test on numbers to 100 next week on the block period.  Students should practice spelling numbers and recognizing numbers in Spanish quickly!  Coming up is a unit introducing the concepts of nouns, adjectives and making agreements.  Students will learn how to use a bilingual dictionary and find cool words for a mini project.