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November 30th, 2017

8th grade city test Friday, December 1st.


Students should know 20 public places found in the city, spelling correctly and if it is masc. or fem.  They should know the verb  IR a = to go “al” with masculine places.

IR a….

voy  a…               vamos  a….

vas    a…             vais    a….

va    a…              van    a…..


The NEAR future structure:    Voy a comer….  I’m going to eat.  Will Also be on this test.

November 21st, 2017

November/December 7th grade


Students have completed work with expressing emotions and are beginning The WEATHER NATURE unit of study.  They have vocabulary to study at home.

November 21st, 2017

November/December 8th grade


Quarter 2 Grades are updated now just prior to Thanksgiving break.  Have student see me with concerns or support in completing work.

We finished out unit on the house and chores and are beginning the CITY unit.  Students have flashcards and a support packet.  They should be studying flashcards of city vocabulary.  We will be learning prepositions of location and giving and receiving directions around city maps.  Students will be memorizing a Spanish rhyme with gestures  to help learn prepositions of location.  Hopefully we will start the Food unit the week prior to Winter break.  Hopefully we will discuss holiday traditions in the Spanish speaking world prior to break.


October 6th, 2017

Tests Wednesday October 11, 2017


8th graders:    Test will cover    1.  Ordinal numbers (in Solar System work)

2.  Verb meanings  ( in your big review packet)

3.  Regular verb conjugations  (handouts)

4.  Ser  vs.  Esstar

5.  Suject pronouns:  yo, tu, el, ella, Ud.  nosotros, vosotros, ellos ellas Uds.

extra credit:   Solar System learnings


7th graders:  study vocabulary   1.  body parts  know 25 with the “the”… up to 10 more for extra credit.

2.  Family members:  mom, dad, etc.

3.  Descriptive words

4.  Using  ES  (is) and Tiene (has) in descriiptive sentences.

September 24th, 2017

The Spanish grade book


I will try to keep grade book as up to date as I can.  I announce to classes when I think it is updated and complete as of that date.  If there is a blank, the score goes against the grade.  It usually indicates I didn’t receive it, or it was turned  in without a name.  Student should visit me before school for clarification and support or if there are any concerns about grades.  I am happy to adjust any error on my part so I encourage students to keep all their tests and graded work in their Spanish binder.  Never hesitate to contact me.  Make up tests or retakes should happen before school (or at lunch for 8th graders).

Week 4 you were introduced to body parts in Spanish and details of the face.  Use the “man” and the “cara” face  to study your vocabulary words.  Please pay attention to the noun markers  el/la/los/las when you practice and study.

In this unit we will review physical descriptions,  family relationships and expression possession.   In your review packet pages 10-13 will be super important.  Test on body parts first week in October.  need to know 25 body parts and anything more will be extra credit.  A great opportunity to build your grade up!!  review and study!

Week four was all about BIG NUMBERS!  0-10,000,000,000!  Test this Tuesday Sept. 26th.  Be able to recognize numbers, spell numbers and speak numbers.  So brush up on the 10’s, the hundreds, and saying  “mil”,  “millones” and “billones”.  Remember the “y” only happens between the tens and  ones.

Beginning new concepts:   SER vs.  Estar,  More on regular verbs and using them to narrate stories.   Getting grammatical!  pages 14,15;16;17 and 19 in review packet a great resource.


September 11th, 2017

7th grade: week 3 review



Oral common questions  Thursday  in pairs

Written Test Friday

numbers 0-100

common classroom expressions

greetings and goodbyes

classroom communications

me gusta + verb

telling time

common questions

classroom objects

days of the week  telling the date


hay = there is, there are

basic people


September 11th, 2017

8th grade Week 3 Sept 11-Sept 15


8th grade:    Oral test Wednesday-Friday  10 Common questions: Students have flashcards

Written Test Friday  Review test

0-100 written and oral

telling time

Common questions (oral) be able to write answers

Common classroom expressions (from cover sheet)

describe basic features on people  ( body parts and adjectives)

family relationships   (Rogelio es el padre de Luz.)

question words:  sing the song!

me gusta:  common verb meanings     hablar, cantar, escuchar, leer, vivir, comer, dormir, etc.

Es/ son   the verb ser  to be   is/are

Tiene/tienen   the verb tener  to have


August 29th, 2017

Welcome Fall 2017 BIENVENIDO


Welcome! In this blog I communicate about current topics of study, project descriptions and test dates and exactly what the tests or oral exams will assess. I am available most mornings in my classroom if you need support in Spanish, study strategies, test preparation, or you need to pick up worksheets or just want to study/work quietly and ask questions as you work. I share lunch first semester with 8th graders and can be available to meet with students during lunch if before school isn’t possible.

Students need a three ring SPANISH ONLY binder as it will be our textbook and is needed in class everyday.  One with pockets even better.  They should have extra paper, colored pencils and a couple ziplock baggies for flashcards.

Students will always have a vocabulary list of our current unit of study and can and should study vocabulary as frequently as possible.

More to come as we get going.