Today: Inside Earth Intro

We watched a Bill Nye episode to get an introduction to the inside of Earth and then continued to work on the “Juice Cocktail” lab activity. We discussed how to explain density and liquid layering without using the words “density” or “dense.”

HOMEWORK: Video notes – 3 notes and 1 question  for each box on the video notes sheet.

Bill Nye Earth’s Crust Video



Today: Measuring  Density of Liquids

We collected data for our “Fruit Juice Cocktail”  activity. The purpose of this activity is to understand how materials of different density behave relative to each other. Students who missed class will need to see me to get the data we collected and  experience collecting the data themselves.

HW – none.


In class today we completed the “Igneous Rock Classification” activity.

HOMEWORK: Finish “Igneous Rock Classification” assignment if not done.

Ignious Rock Classification Assignment

3/12/18 – Update after absences

I was absent for several days last week, first caring for my sick kid (he’s better now). I was gone Friday to chaperone the science fair club field trip. While I was gone, students worked on the following:

TUESDAY – Video on types of rocks. The link below should be accessible with your school Google login. (not turned in, keep for notes)


Notes Sheet: Rock Types Video Notes

WEDNESDAY – Sorting rocks activity to explore the concept that rocks are sorted based on their physical characteristics. These characteristics relate to how they formed. (not turned in, keep for notes)

Rock Types Observation

THURSDAY – Reading notes on igneous rock. Classifying igneous rock activity (not finished)

FRIDAY – Rock crystallization activity (not finished).

MONDAY – Rock crystallization activity (finished and turned in). Then continuing “classifying igneous rock” activity (not finished).

Pelican Spider!


Topic: Materials in Cell Phone Comes from Minerals Mined Around the World

In class we continued to work on the project we started yesterday. This is looking at the mineral source of materials that make up a cell phone. Students worked in groups to research this information and place it onto a shared map. Those maps are below.


Inside Earth Chpt 1 Reading

Chpt1 Mineral Reading Notes


Today: Mineral Terms and Notes

Warm Up: We watched a video about how snow forms. Students recorded notes from the video and one question they had from the video.


We finished the NOVA GEMS video and went over the notes.

Reading Notes:

We worked on finishing up the reading notes from last week with the substitute.

Chpt1 Mineral Reading Notes

Inside Earth Chpt 1 Reading


Inside Earth Chpt 1 Reading


Early Release Snow Day

Today we finished up the video: Treasures of Earth Gems. See link on previous post if you missed this.

HOMEWORK: I am missing SAVE THE EGG work from many students. Please finish and turn in if you have not done so yet. Check family link to see if I marked off that you turned it in.



Today: Wrapping Up Work From The Week

I was finally back today after a 3 day absence to watch my son, who is home sick with a cold or the flu. In class we spent time reviewing, sharing out, and turning in the “Mining Articles” worksheet. That was begun on Tuesday.

Then we continued the Gems video:


We will finish this video on Tuesday for the classes that did not finish (all but period 5).

HOMEWORK: Finish “Mining Articles” worksheet if not done. Finish “Save the Eggs” work if not done.

Mining Articles

Work Completion Checklist – Save the Eggs.



Working again with a sub, students completed reading notes from Chapter 1, Section 1 and 3 of the textbook. I do not have a digital copy of the book, but I’ve attached the notes worksheet:

Chpt1 Mineral Reading Notes

HOMEWORK: Unfinished Save the Egg Work