Mrs. Newcomb on September 6th, 2011

How to successfully survive Ms. Newcomb’s class:

  1. Be ready to learn every day. That means have your supplies with you. No pencil? Quietly find one in the classroom or from a friendly classmate. No supplies does NOT mean you can choose not to work.
  1. Homework. You shouldn’t have too much homework. The key word is SHOULDN’T. You are often given enough class time. Use time wisely and you will get done. There are exceptions, but not often. Work must be completed on time
  1. Zero Tolerance: Certain things won’t be tolerated in class. Harassing others, taking or destroying another student’s property or the classroom, talking back or being rude, copying or plagiarizing work, and using phones when not allowed are all actions that will have immediate contact home and possibly further consequences depending on the severity. No warnings are given for these offenses.

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