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Welcome to 8th grade Social Studies!

Click on “This Week in Class” to find┬áthe agenda and due dates of each class period within the week.

Monday (or the first day of the week): Lesson 1 (per 3, 4, 5)

Tuesday (or the second day of the week): Lesson 1 (per 6) Lesson 2 (per 4, 5)

Wednesday (or the third day of the week): Lesson 2 (per 3, 6) Lesson 3 (per 5)

Thursday (or the fourth day of the week): Lesson 3 (per 3, 4, 6)

Friday: Lesson 4 all classes

Click on “Extra Assignments” to find a collection of extra handouts and work that was handed out in class.

Links to the right will take you to commonly used external websites.


Office hours: Before school Monday-Wednesday 8:30-9 . Lunch by appointment.


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