This Week in LA: March 6 – 10

You all have been having great conversations about Caden and his struggles – this week, we finally see those struggles explained. Be sure to pay attention to clues as we read!

Lesson #1:  Return AB essays.  Assign new vocab –  terms are here:   Read CD Chpt 60; view TED Talk:


Lesson #2:   Write CD RR #3.  Read Chapter 62 – 70.  Work on Warning Lights chart.

Lesson #3:  Read CD 71-77. Write RR  #7.  Finish Warning Lights chart.

Turn in RR #3,6, and 7.

Vocab Quiz will be next week  – Tuesday 3/14 for 4 and 5, Wed 3/15 for 3 and 6.


This Week in LA: Feb 27-March 3

This is the week where we start to figure out what’s going on with Caden in Challenger Deep – you have been doing some great thinking and hypothesizing!

Lesson #1: Catch up on Character and Chapter Tracking Charts.  Read Chapter 40 in CD. Turn in Reading Responses 1,2,4, and 5. ( Yes, we’re still skipping three.)

There is new vocab this week:  terms are:  The quiz will be on Friday, 3/3.

Lesson #2:  Practice vocabulary.  Read CD Chpts 41- 49; write RR #6.

Lesson #3: Discuss and collect examples of warning signs.   Read Chpts 50-54.

Lesson #4:  Vocab quiz!  Read CD Chpts 55-59



This Week in LA: Feb 21 – 24

We really dive into Challenger Deep this week – I’ve been enjoying the classroom conversations as we try to figure out what is going on with the novel and with Caden.

Lesson #1: Write RR #4.  Read CD Chpts 2- 26; work on Caden/Caden Sketches

Lesson #2:  Write “Mall Stories.”  Read CD Chtps 27-34. Finish  Caden/Caden.

Lesson #3:  Read Mariana Trench.  Read CD Chpts 35-39. Work on RR #5.  Turn in Caden/Cade.



This Week in LA: Feb 13 – 17

Welcome to a new novel study!  We are excited to begin reading Challenger Deep (CD)  – it’s a very different type of novel than the others we’ve read this year.

Lesson #1:  Check out copies of CD. Construct your Reading Response (RR) Journals.

Extra Copies: CD Reading Response

Begin CD vocab list #1 – terms are on quizlet and here:

Lesson #2: Read Chapter 1- 5. Work on  “I Love” Writing

Lesson #3: Read Chapters 6-17.  TED Talks on Mental Health issues. Write  RR #2

Lesson #4: Vocab quiz!  Read Chapters 18+19   Write RR #3

This Week in LA Feb 7- 10

Welcome to second  semester! You are now actually closer to being a freshman in HS that you are to the beginning of the year!  We’ll spend this week finishing your final literary analysis of Alligator Bayou and completing the Winter round of MAPS testing.

Lesson #1: Reading MAPS testing

Lesson #2: Finish MAPS testing/ work on AB essay

Lesson #3:  Peer Edit and turn in AB essay


This Week in LA: Jan 30 – Feb 3

Welcome to the last week of the semester! We’ll finish reading Alligator Bayou this week and work on the final literary analysis.

Lesson #1: Share and turn in “Just Because” poems. Finish reading Alligator Bayou. Work on finishing the Reading Guide for Chpts 22-26.

Lesson #2:  Turn in completed Reading Guide. Work on Essay Pre-Write

Lesson # 3 and #4: Write final Literary Essay. The essay outline is in Google Classroom – your essay is due on Friday by midnight. You will have two class periods to write your essay – it’s not meant to be done at home.

This Week in LA: Jan 23 – 27

Welcome to our first first full week of school in forever! We’ll almost reach the end of Alligator Bayou this week – you’ll track the tension between groups as it reaches an unfortunate conclusion.

Lesson #1:  Work on “Just Because” poem.  Turn in Reading Guide for 19 – 21.  Read Chapter 22 – work on AB Chpt 22_26 Reading Guide.

Lesson #2:  Read Chapter 23 in groups.  Work on own “Just Because” Poem.

Lesson #3:  In Text Citation Guide.  Read Chapter 24 and 25.

Lesson #4:  FInish Reading through Chpt 25.  Finish “Just  Because” poem. Due Monday! 

Complete  Reading Guide through Chpt 25.

This Week in LA: Jan 18-20

Welcome Back! (Again!)

I hope that’s the end of the snow/ice days this year – I don’t know about you all, but I’m ready to get back into the school routine!

Ignore everything that was posted last week. We’ll pick up where we left off last Tuesday – all due dates listed here are accurate.

Lesson #1:  AB Vocab #3 Review. Quiz will be on Friday, 1/20. Read Chapter 18.

Lesson #2: Read Chapter 19 as Reader’s Theater.  Work on Tracking Setting/Tension Chart

Lesson #3:  Take Vocab quiz.  Read Chapter 20 and 21. Work on AB Chpt 19_21

Finish as homework if you don’t finish in class.