This Week in LA: May 15-19

We continue reading our new novel this week – Warriors Don’t Cry. This non-fiction memoir demonstrates the struggles the narrator overcame as one of the first African-American students to integrate a formerly all-White high school in Little Rock, Arkansas. We’ll define Jim Crow laws and begin to identify what motivated these students to take such a (at the time) controversial step.

Lesson #1:  Write Jim Crow definition essay in Reading Response Booklet. Read Chapter 3. No vocab this week, as it’s a testing week.

Lesson #2: Begin character analysis; read Chapter 4.

Lesson #3:  Write Chpt 4 Reading Response. Analyze historical footage of the Little Rock 9’s first attempt to attend school.

Reminder:  Wednesday you will be taking the Smarter Balance Language Arts performance task. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep and bring snacks!


This Week in LA: March 20 – 24

Welcome to the week before Spring Break! We’ll read a few chapters of Challenger Deep this week, but our primary focus will be to focus on an overview about a variety of mental health issues.

Lesson #1:  Introduce Mental Health Research and topics. Links for research are posted in Google Classroom.

Lesson #2:  Finish individual research. Remember, your individual research earns a grade!

Lesson #3:  Meet with your group to create a rough draft of your Mental  Health Informational poster.

Reading: By the time you return from Spring Break, you need to have finished THROUGH Chapter 100 of CD.

Korea Kids: You need to read THROUGH Chapter 120 to be caught up on your return. Have a wonderful trip!

  • Please note:  Our forecasting trip to West Linn HS takes place on Wed 3/22.  There will not be regular core classes on that day, but you will see your RA classes!
  • Bring your Forecasting sheets to class on Thursday 3/23 – teachers will be available to conference regarding placement and sign as needed.

This Week in LA: 3/13 – 3/17

We call this week “Aha!” week – Challenger Deep finally makes sense this week!

Lesson #1:  Read CD 75-77. Work on Aha.  Study for Ship Vocab quiz.

Lesson #2:  Ship Vocab quiz.  Finish visuals for Aha – you’ll present next class.

Lesson #3: Write RR #8.  Read CD Chpts 78-85.

Lesson #4:  Read CD Chpts 86-94.  Work on CDChptTracker2

This Week in LA: Jan 17 – 20

Welcome back – again! It feels like we just keep starting over after snow days – I hope you all had a chance to go outside last week!

Lesson #1:  Read Chapter 19; work on Character Tracking and AB Vocab #3.  Links to both are in last week’s blog.  Read Chapter 20 as HW.

Lesson #2: Begin work on “Just Because”  Poem.  Due Friday.

Lesson #3:  Read Chapter 21 and 22.  Take AB #3 vocab quiz. Work on poem.

Lesson #4:  Read Chapter 23; work on Character Tracking Chart.  Share and Turn in “Just Because” Poem.

This Week in LA: Dec 5 – 9

How many of you were excited about the  idea of snow this week? I sure was – but, as always, we just get really cold rain.

In class, we’ll continue to read Alligator Bayou, and we’ll also work on the Rough Draft of your submission to the “Letter About Literature” contest.

Because of the Early Release day this week, the normal blog structure won’t work – instead, I’ve listed what you’ll need to work on across the entire week.

#1)  Type your Letter about Literature.  The directions and a template are in Google Classroom. The rough draft is due by the end of the day on Friday 12/9.

#2) Read Chapters 6,7 and 8 in AB. Work on the AB Chpt 6-9 Reading Guide

#3) We’ll read Chapter 9 together as a class – 5th period, we’ll read on Thursday, so you’ll need to have read chapter 6-8 before then,  3,4,6, we’ll read on Friday. Your Reading Guide will be due on Monday, 12/12 ( or Tues 12/13 for 6th.)

#4) New vocab will be assigned mid-week – terms are on quizlet:

The quiz will be Tuesday, 12/13 for 4th and 5th period, and Wed, 12/14, for 3rd and 6th.

This Week: Oct 24 – 28

Welcome to the last week of first quarter! Grades are  updated daily this week, so be sure to check your grade and come see me if you have any questions.  We continue our work with MSND this week – add in a few angry fairies, a magic potion, and a case of mistaken identity, and our plot becomes very complicated!

Lesson #1:  Read MSND 2.1; work on 2_1 Translations

Lesson #2: View 2.1;  read 2.2

Lesson #3:  Work on MSND 2.2 Summary Sort


There isn’t vocabulary this week.  There also won’t be regular class on Wed, as it’s the Early Release day and we are taking a Field Trip to OMSI.