This Week in LA: April 24 – 28

This is the week that we’ll finish Challenger Deep!  It’s been interesting listening to your predictions as to how the novel ends – we’ll see who was correct as we finish.

Lesson #1:  Write RR #12 (Yes, we skipped 11.)  Review through Chpt 148. Group read Chapters 149 – 152.

Lesson #2: Vocab Quiz.  Take Smarter Balance Practice test – Smarter Balance testing begins next week.  Read THROUGH Chaper 156.

Lesson #3: Finish the novel!   Write RR #13. Turn in completed RR Journal.

Lesson #4: Challenger Deep test. (This will be open book, but not open note!)  Begin work on final CD essay.

This Week in LA: April 17- 21

Welcome to 4th quarter! You are all now just 9.5 weeks away from being HS freshman – use this last quarter to be as prepared as possible for that transition!

Lesson # 1

Write Reading Response # 10. Catch up on Chapter Tracker – through Chpt 133. Share and turn in Character self-portraits. Assign CD Vocab List #5. Terms are on quizlet:

 Quiz will be Tues 4/25 (Per 4/5) and Wed  4/26 (Per 3/6.)

Lesson # 2

Read Chpts 134 and 135 aloud; discuss Caden’s merging realities. Read 136 – 139 on own. Finish RR 8-10; turn in.

Lesson #  3

Read Chpt 140 aloud; Class discussion. Read 141-144 on own; catch up on Chapter Tracker. Write RR # 11.

Lesson # 4

Read Chpts 145 – 148; Write RR # 12.

This Week in LA: April 10-14

Welcome to the last week of 3rd quarter! Grades are updated daily this week – be sure to check in if you have any questions!

Lesson #1: Review CD Chpts 100 -120. Review Vocab List #4 terms. Work on Tracking Character 2

Lesson #2:   Take Vocab Quiz #4.  Finish Tracking Character 2; write RR #9.

Lesson #3:  Learning about Allusions. Read Chapters 121 – 134.

Lesson #4:  The Art of Schizophrenia



This Week in LA: April 3-7

Welcome back! I hope that you all enjoyed your Spring Break!

We finish our mini-study on Mental Health issues this week, and will use that information to write an outline on mental health issues. We’ll also read more of Challenger Deep – Caden’s life in the hospital and his alternate life aboard the ship are beginning to converge.

Lesson #1:  Finish Mental Health posters.  Review CD through Chpt 100. New vocab  terms today – they are here:

Lesson #2: Take notes on Mental Health posters;  read CD Chapters 101-110.

Lesson #3:  Work on Mental Health outline – the assignment is in Google Classroom.

Lesson #4:  Finish and submit Mental Health outline.  Read CD through Chapter 120.

  • The Vocab quiz over CD List # 4 will be next week:
  • Per 4 and 5 = Tuesday, 4/11.
  • Per 3 and 6 = Wednesday 4/12.

This Week in LA: March 20 – 24

Welcome to the week before Spring Break! We’ll read a few chapters of Challenger Deep this week, but our primary focus will be to focus on an overview about a variety of mental health issues.

Lesson #1:  Introduce Mental Health Research and topics. Links for research are posted in Google Classroom.

Lesson #2:  Finish individual research. Remember, your individual research earns a grade!

Lesson #3:  Meet with your group to create a rough draft of your Mental  Health Informational poster.

Reading: By the time you return from Spring Break, you need to have finished THROUGH Chapter 100 of CD.

Korea Kids: You need to read THROUGH Chapter 120 to be caught up on your return. Have a wonderful trip!

  • Please note:  Our forecasting trip to West Linn HS takes place on Wed 3/22.  There will not be regular core classes on that day, but you will see your RA classes!
  • Bring your Forecasting sheets to class on Thursday 3/23 – teachers will be available to conference regarding placement and sign as needed.

This Week in LA: 3/13 – 3/17

We call this week “Aha!” week – Challenger Deep finally makes sense this week!

Lesson #1:  Read CD 75-77. Work on Aha.  Study for Ship Vocab quiz.

Lesson #2:  Ship Vocab quiz.  Finish visuals for Aha – you’ll present next class.

Lesson #3: Write RR #8.  Read CD Chpts 78-85.

Lesson #4:  Read CD Chpts 86-94.  Work on CDChptTracker2

This Week in LA: March 6 – 10

You all have been having great conversations about Caden and his struggles – this week, we finally see those struggles explained. Be sure to pay attention to clues as we read!

Lesson #1:  Return AB essays.  Assign new vocab –  terms are here:   Read CD Chpt 60; view TED Talk:


Lesson #2:   Write CD RR #3.  Read Chapter 62 – 70.  Work on Warning Lights chart.

Lesson #3:  Read CD 71-77. Write RR  #7.  Finish Warning Lights chart.

Turn in RR #3,6, and 7.

Vocab Quiz will be next week  – Tuesday 3/14 for 4 and 5, Wed 3/15 for 3 and 6.


This Week in LA: Feb 27-March 3

This is the week where we start to figure out what’s going on with Caden in Challenger Deep – you have been doing some great thinking and hypothesizing!

Lesson #1: Catch up on Character and Chapter Tracking Charts.  Read Chapter 40 in CD. Turn in Reading Responses 1,2,4, and 5. ( Yes, we’re still skipping three.)

There is new vocab this week:  terms are:  The quiz will be on Friday, 3/3.

Lesson #2:  Practice vocabulary.  Read CD Chpts 41- 49; write RR #6.

Lesson #3: Discuss and collect examples of warning signs.   Read Chpts 50-54.

Lesson #4:  Vocab quiz!  Read CD Chpts 55-59



This Week in LA: Feb 21 – 24

We really dive into Challenger Deep this week – I’ve been enjoying the classroom conversations as we try to figure out what is going on with the novel and with Caden.

Lesson #1: Write RR #4.  Read CD Chpts 2- 26; work on Caden/Caden Sketches

Lesson #2:  Write “Mall Stories.”  Read CD Chtps 27-34. Finish  Caden/Caden.

Lesson #3:  Read Mariana Trench.  Read CD Chpts 35-39. Work on RR #5.  Turn in Caden/Cade.