This week in LA: June 12 – 16

Welcome to the last full week of 8th grade!   It’s amazing how quickly the last few weeks have gone by – keep up the good work!

Lesson #1:  Final WDC pop quiz.  Turn in Booklets.  Begin work on Call to Action Final Presentation   Turn in copies of WDC.

Lesson #2:  Work Day on Final Presentation

Lesson #3: Work Day on Final Presentation

Lesson #4:  Present Final Projects in small groups.


This Week in LA: June 5 – 9

Welcome to the end of Warriors Don’t Cry! We’ll finish the novel this week and begin planning out your final project.

Lesson #1:   Add to Character Chart.  Pop quiz over Chpts 9 -12. Read Chpt 13 and 14; work on notes and RR.

Lesson #2:  View 10 min of  “Eyes on the Prize part 2.” Read Chpts 15 and 16; work on notes. These notes can be combined into one section.

Lesson #3: Read Chpt 17; write RR. Work on Final project planning sheet.

Lesson #4: Read Chpt 18. Finish all notes/RR in white booklet – due on Monday!


This Week in LA: May 30 – June 2

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the three day weekend. This week you will continue to read Warriors Don’t Cry, and you will also begin to narrow your ideas as the organization you’d like to present for your final WDC project.

Lesson #1:  Discuss To Do list for the week.  Work on Call to Action

Lesson #2:  MAPS Reading Test

Lesson #3:  Work on To Do List.  Everything Due Monday 6/5. (Tues 6/6 for 6th period.)

If you are in Seattle for the Band/Choir trip, have fun!  You are still expected to complete this work on time.

_______ Read Warriors Don’t Cry THROUGH Chapter 12.

_______Finish notes for Chapters 9, 11 and 12; write Reading Responses for Chapter 10.

_______Complete your “Call to Action” ideas sheet.

This Week in LA: May 22 – 26

We continue our work with Warrior’s Don’t Cry this week – Melba and other Little Rock students are stuck in legal limbo as the courts debate their attendance at Central HS.

Lesson #1:  Introduce Sketchnotes; read and respond to WDC chpts 5 and 6.

Lesson #2:  Update Character notes; read and respond to Chpt 7.

Lesson #3:  Intro Amazing Kid project.

Lesson #4: Read and respond to Chpt 8. Booklets will be due at the end of class on Tuesday, 5/30!

This Week in LA: May 15-19

We continue reading our new novel this week – Warriors Don’t Cry. This non-fiction memoir demonstrates the struggles the narrator overcame as one of the first African-American students to integrate a formerly all-White high school in Little Rock, Arkansas. We’ll define Jim Crow laws and begin to identify what motivated these students to take such a (at the time) controversial step.

Lesson #1:  Write Jim Crow definition essay in Reading Response Booklet. Read Chapter 3. No vocab this week, as it’s a testing week.

Lesson #2: Begin character analysis; read Chapter 4.

Lesson #3:  Write Chpt 4 Reading Response. Analyze historical footage of the Little Rock 9’s first attempt to attend school.

Reminder:  Wednesday you will be taking the Smarter Balance Language Arts performance task. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep and bring snacks!


This Week in LA: May 8 -12

Welcome! This week, we will finish the Mental Health Persuasive papers and begin our novel study around a non-fiction memoir, Warriors Don’t Cry. This will be our last novel study for this year!

Lesson #1:  Finish and submit Mental Health Persuasive paper. All papers must  be turned into Classroom by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, May 9th.

Lesson #2: Check out copy of Warriors Don’t Cry. Begin Jim Crow Stations.

Lesson #3:  Finish Jim Crow Station notes.

  • Please note – this week is A-B-C-TEST-D.  You will be taking the State Math test on Thursday afternoon. Be sure to get enough sleep and have a good lunch that day!

This Week in LA: May 1 – 5

Welcome to May! We’ve finished reading Challenger Deep, and will spend our time this week finishing the test and a final persuasive essay.

Lesson #1: Finish CD test; work on Analyzing Persuasive Writing

Lesson #2: Discuss types of persuasive writing; begin turning Mental Health Outline into own persuasive paper. Directions are in google classroom.

Lesson #3: Continue persuasive paper. Due at the end of class on Tuesday, 5/9 for all classes.

Please note – Smarter Balance testing begins this week. Be sure to eat breakfast and get a good night’s sleep before the test!

This Week in LA: April 24 – 28

This is the week that we’ll finish Challenger Deep!  It’s been interesting listening to your predictions as to how the novel ends – we’ll see who was correct as we finish.

Lesson #1:  Write RR #12 (Yes, we skipped 11.)  Review through Chpt 148. Group read Chapters 149 – 152.

Lesson #2: Vocab Quiz.  Take Smarter Balance Practice test – Smarter Balance testing begins next week.  Read THROUGH Chaper 156.

Lesson #3: Finish the novel!   Write RR #13. Turn in completed RR Journal.

Lesson #4: Challenger Deep test. (This will be open book, but not open note!)  Begin work on final CD essay.

This Week in LA: April 17- 21

Welcome to 4th quarter! You are all now just 9.5 weeks away from being HS freshman – use this last quarter to be as prepared as possible for that transition!

Lesson # 1

Write Reading Response # 10. Catch up on Chapter Tracker – through Chpt 133. Share and turn in Character self-portraits. Assign CD Vocab List #5. Terms are on quizlet:

 Quiz will be Tues 4/25 (Per 4/5) and Wed  4/26 (Per 3/6.)

Lesson # 2

Read Chpts 134 and 135 aloud; discuss Caden’s merging realities. Read 136 – 139 on own. Finish RR 8-10; turn in.

Lesson #  3

Read Chpt 140 aloud; Class discussion. Read 141-144 on own; catch up on Chapter Tracker. Write RR # 11.

Lesson # 4

Read Chpts 145 – 148; Write RR # 12.