6th Grade – Jan. 19

  • Agenda
    • Review Comparing Cities Warm Up
    • Weekly Check #12 – Differential Heating
    • When finished, students did the following:
      • checked to make sure Weekly Check 11 was submitted through Google Classroom
      • Worked on Finding a Focus independent research on Google Classroom.
    • Update science journal to include the following –
  • Assignments
    • Make sure you have turned in Weekly Check 11 on Google Classroom
    • Check grades online
    • Finding a Focus – Due Tue.

7th Grade – Jan. 19

  • Agenda
    • Endothermic and Exothermic Lab – This was completed as a demonstration today for those that did not get the chance to record the qualitative observations.  At this point, you should be able to complete the reflection questions.
    • Weekly Check #12 – This week’s Weekly Check is a review of the main learning targets for the Chemistry unit.
  • Assignments
    • Finding a Focus – Due Tue.

7th Grade – Jan. 17

Early Release Today!

  • Agenda
    • Work on Forming a Questions on Google Classroom – You should have at least two resources read, with notes and guiding questions.
  • Assignments
    • Be ready for a journal peer review tomorrow in class
    •  Forming a Questions on Google Classroom – Due Tue.

6th Grade – Jan. 16

6th Grade – Jan. 12

Science 1, 3 and 5

  • Agenda
    • Lab presentations –  Today, we completed the other half of our Differential Heating Labs.  Half shared our Heating Surfaces lab and half went to Mr. Sober’s class to learn about Earth’s Tilt and Latitude.
    • The rest of class was spent on discussing Eath’s Tilt and Latitude as well as finishing up Weekly Check #11 (on Google Classroom).
  • Assignments
    • Weekly Check 11 – If you did not complete this today.

Science 2

  • Agenda
    • Since there is no other 6th-grade science class during this period, we continued exploring the Earth’s Tilt and Latitude.
      • We looked at the data (this can be found on Google Classroom) and wrote a summary of the data and then compared city temperatures at varying latitudes.
    • The rest of class time was provided to work on Weekly Check 11
  • Assignments
    • Weekly Check 11 – If you did not complete this today.