Algebra Monday and Quiz LT’s

Today we worked on the inverse of the Pythagorean Theorem:  Given three side lengths of a triangle, if the sum of the squares of the two smaller sides add up to the square of the third side, then the triangle is a right triangle.

Due Tuesday:  Unit 3.4.

Quiz LT’s for Wednesday’s quiz:

  • I can solve for any missing side of a right triangle, given two side lengths.
  • I can find the distance between any two points on the coordinate plane by either using a right triangle or using the distance formula.
  • I can find the volume of rectangular and triangular prisms and cylinders (including formulas for areas and perimeters/circumference!).
  • I can find the area and perimeter (by using the PT or the distance formula) of irregular shapes.
  • Given three side lengths, I can tell if a triangle can be made (the sum of the two smallest sides must be greater than the length of the 3rd side).  If a triangle can be made, I can use the PT to determine if it is a right triangle.


Science Friday

Students received papers regarding the rocket design and lab.  Students who did not complete background research are encouraged to complete more over the weekend.  Be sure to save sources to cite them when you write your paper.  Remember that you may need to do a bit more research after the first set of launches as you change the design of your final rocket.

Quiz revisions are due next Thursday, 11/9, to PASSING only.

Algebra Friday

Students worked in unit 3.3 to find the distance of any line segment by using the Pythagorean Theorem.  We then extended the work to show where the distance formula came from.  Students may use either method (in their notes) to find the length of a line segment.

Due Monday:  unit 3.3 and ACE numbers 17-21 and 24, 26

Wednesday 11/8:  Quiz on Chapter 3:  Pythagorean Theorem and finding the length  of a line segment

Thursday 11/9:  Revisions of last WR and Quiz 1 due.  Mathxl Pythagoras Chapter 3

Tuesday, 11/14 and Wednesday 11/5 TEST.  Please let me know in advance if you will not be here so that you can take the test early.  Otherwise, you will take the test in class on the day that you return from break.

Algebra Thursday

Students received notes on Volume (review) and the Pythagorean Theorem.  Copies are here:

Pythagorean Theorem notes and volume notes 2017

Due Friday:  Weekly Review and 2 PT worksheets.

Math xl for Pythagorean Theorem Chapter 3 is now available, due Monday, 11/13

Revisions for Quiz and last week’s WR are due no later than 11/9 (Thursday).



Science Thursday

We read/researched articles about rockets.  Students are primarily researching the tail “fins” for the Rocket Lab.

NASA rockets

Science Wednesday

Students took their quiz on Newton’s Laws.

Algebra Wednesday

Today students worked on a “puzzle” proof of the Pythagorean Theorem (unit 3.2).  Due Thursday:  Unit 3.2 and ACE on pages 49 and 50, numbers 1 through 6.

WR due Friday

Revisions for the quiz and last week’s WR are due no later than next Thursday, 11/9.

Science Tuesday

Students worked on the review for Newton’s Laws from the physics classroom.  Answers and explanations are here:


Quiz Wednesday.

Algebra Tuesday

Students worked on unit 3.1 in the textbook, due Tuesday.

WR due Friday.

Quizzes were passed back today and Quarter 2 grades are now posted for math.  Revisions due by Thursday, 11/9.

Math Thursday

Today we finished reviewing for the quiz which is on Friday.  Suggested review items:  Unit 1.3, ACE chapter 1 problems 21-25 (exact areas!), Unit 2.3 and ACE chapter 2, problems 4, 5-46, 74-76 and simplifying radicals worksheet.

WR due Friday.

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