Algebra Monday

Students took notes on factoring out the greatest monomials of polynomials.  They practiced by working worksheet 9.4, side A.  Side B  is optional

WR due Friday.

Science Friday

Students finished their notes on pages 39-42 and then we drew and measured elliptical orbits.  Students are to finish their data tables (and keep their drawings!) for Monday.

Algebra Friday

We reviewed factoring out the greatest common factor and then worked unit 1.4 and ACE problems 8, 9, 11, Due Monday.

Students received their tests.  Students may revise to passing.

Science Thursday

We reviewed notes about the planets and started a discussion about the Earth, Moon, Sun system.

Students also took 2-column notes on pages 39-42 of their textbooks about rotation, revolution, orbits and Kepler’s laws.

We watched part of the video (first 15 minutes) of the following video:

Algebra Thursday

Students took notes on checking to see if expressions are equivalent.  They practiced this skill by working unit 1.3 and ACE problems 5, 6, 12, and 24, due Friday.

Science Wednesday

Research day.

Due no later than Friday:  Analog vs digital article AND Wave Interactions Lab

Algebra Wednesday

We started Say it with Symbols.  Due Thursday:  unit 1.1 and ACE problems 1 and 2

Science Tuesday

We continued our introduction to the planets, dwarf planets, asteroid belts and (some) moons of our solar system.  Students should have their “map” of the universe notes done by the end of class today.  See yesterday’s post for links to articles.

Algebra Tuesday

Test today.  Tomorrow we will start “Say it with Symbols”.

Algebra Monday

Today was revise, review, study and MAP test completion day.

Test Tuesday, 2/6/18.

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