Science Tuesday and Wednesday

Students used time to complete their Natural Selection/ Darwin work.

Tuesday is a field trip.

ALL work must be handed in no later than Friday, June 1.  The only work accepted after June 1 will be the presentations.

Algebra Tuesday and Wednesday

Students worked unit 4.2 during class, due Thursday.  Extra class time was dedicated to mathxl work.

Wednesday was a field trip day.

Quiz Friday.  All late work and mathxl work is due Friday before class.

Science links for final presentation

Stem Cell Research

Gene Therapy

Mental Health

Mental Health America

Human Genome project (DNA)

Inner Body link

How the body works

Khan Academy Human Body systems (high school)

Algebra Monday

Students prepared for Tuesday’s performance task.  We then continued review for their final by working on ACE on pages 58-60, nu;mbers 45, 47, 49, and 51-56.

Science Monday

Students started the Darwin Interactive and worked on the corresponding worksheet.

Darwin Interactive

survival interactive



Science Friday

Students completed their horse fossil lab and then used the remaining class time to address the four areas of evidence for evolution (with reference to what we have studied this year):

  1. embryology
  2. DNA
  3. Fossil record
  4. vestigial structures

Algebra Friday

Students worked with linear inequalities by solving unit 4.1.  When students finished, they worked on mathxl unit 2.

All late work and mathxl unit 2 are due before the quiz on Friday, May 25.

Science Thursday

We started the horse fossil lab.  Lab will be completed on Friday.

Algebra Thursday

Students reviewed graphing quadratic functions (parabolas) and then worked in unit 3.3, systems of linear and quadratic functions.  Due Friday:  unit 3.3 A (except for question 3) and B   AND ACE problems 9, and 10 a, b, c.

Algebra Quiz 2 LT’s

  • I can solve a system of equations (solve for x and y) by graphing.
  • I can solve a system of equations by substitution (set equal to eachother)
  • I can solve a system of equations by combination (aka elimination)
  • I can solve inequalities with one variable.
  • I can graph the solution set for an inequality.
  • I can write and solve systems of equations given a problem situation.
  • I can write a set of inequalities and solve given a problem situation.

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