Science Tuesday

Students are transitioning from the study of the geologic time and the planet to geologic time with life.  Students are to continue work on the second part of their work from last week using the smithsonian site and the Tour through geologic time.  NOTE:  Tertiary includes both Neogene and Paleogene time periods.  Both tables are due Friday.

Science State Testing will be Monday, 4/16 and Tuesday, 4/17 and, if needed, Wednesday 4/18 during science classes.

smithsonian site


Tour through geologic time

Additional sites to use:

Berkeley Tree of life


Fish Eye View

For the last two links, students are encouraged to trace a current life form back to “ancestors” from previous time periods to reinforce what life  forms lived during different time periods.


Algebra Friday

We reviewed the proofs from unit 3.5 thoroughly.   Students then practiced this reasoning by working ACE from Chapter 3, numbers 11-15, due Tuesday.

Quest on Thursday.  Mathxl 1 and 2 due Thursday morning.

Science Friday

Students used their movie notes and Smithsonian site to work on a Geologic Time Exploration.  Students should have the first table (front side on climate and geography) done for  Tuesday.

Smithsonian Site for Geologic Time

Worksheet here:  Geologic Time Exploration worksheet (Mrs VH)

Algebra Thursday

Students applied knowledge of parallel lines and transversals, along with angle sums of polygons to solve for missing angle measures in unit 3.5.  Due Friday:  unit 3.5.

Science Thursday

Students used their notes and text materials to apply knowledge about geologic columns to solve some rock strata patterns.  Rock strata due Friday.

Science Wednesday

Students used class time to complete the reading of sections 4 and 5 from their text copies.  Students answered the Section Review questions for both Sections on graph paper and handed them in.

Students then went to the UC Berkeley Geologic time site to explore.

Geologic Time

Algebra Wednesday

Students continued work from yesterday.  Unit 3.4 and ACE problems are due Thursday.

Algebra BPW Quest LT’s

  • I can identify types of symmetry within diagrams:  reflection (including line of reflection), rotational (including angle of rotation) and lines of symmetry.
  • I can use reflections (across each axis or other line), rotations around a point of rotation and translations, given certain rules to draw new shapes.
  • I can develop rules for use on the coordinate plane for rotations, reflections and translations.
  • I can justify that rotations, reflections and translations result in congruent images with certain relationships to the original shapes (same side lengths, angle measures, parallel or perpendicular segments to image segments, etc).  (SLOPE and DISTANCE or PYTHAGOREAN theorem.)
  • Given the center of rotation, I can rotate the original shape to create an image with 90 degrees and 180 degrees of rotation.
  • I can use relationships between parallel lines, transversals and “angle sums” (for example, the sum of the measures of the angles in all triangles is 180 degrees) to find the values of missing angle measures.

Science Tuesday

Students read the article from the UC Berkeley site to get a better sense of absolute dating.  We then completed the “half-life” lab with pennies.

Article here:   Radiometric Dating: Clair Patterson

ALL late/revision and SST work due no later than 4/4 for quarter 3.

“Half-life” lab due Tuesday, 4/10.

Algebra Tuesday

Students worked in unit 3.4 and ACE from chapter 3 (problems 9. 10, 16, 17, 20-25).  Due to the field trip on Wednesday to WLHS, I have assigned extra ACE problems.  Students who have my class can use class time on Wednesday to complete the work.  However, students in periods 1 and 2 need to complete them due Thursday.

QUEST on Wednesday, 4/11 on Chapters 1 and 3 of Butterflies and Pinwheels.  Mathxl due Wednesday before the quest.

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