All classes Monday and Period 6 Tuesday

Final State Math Performance Task testing.

Algebra Friday

Students took Quiz 1 of Shapes and Designs.

***State testing Math Performance Task in classes on Monday (Periods 2,5) and on Tuesday for Period 6!

Accel Friday

Students reviewed solving and graphing inequalities with real numbers.  Sheet 6.3 1-10, all/11-23 odd and 25-29 all AND unit 3.1 from Systems book due Wednesday (5/24).

Final state test (Math Performance Task) during class Monday.  Please be sure to eat a good breakfast!

Algebra Period 5 Thursday

Quiz today.

Students who missed class due to track or other reason can come in Friday morning at 8:15 to take the quiz.

Algebra Period 6 Thursday

Students worked to find rules for building triangles in  unit 3.1.  Students who are absent will need to come in at lunch to use the materials.

Due next class:  3.1, ACE Chapter 3, numbers 1-7.

Friday:  Mathxl 2 due and Quiz 1

Accel Thursday

Students took Quiz 1 of systems of equations.


Algebra Periods 2, 5 Tuesday

Students worked in unit 3.1 to explore rules for side lengths of triangles and quadrilaterals.

Due next class:  3.1 and ACE: 1-7

Mathxl unit 2 due Friday.

Quiz for Period 2:  Friday and for Period 5:  Thursday.

Algebra Periods 2,5 Monday and Period 6 Tuesday

We revisited student notes on the sum of the interior angles of any polygon.  We looked back at units 2.1 C and D and 2.2 C and D and made sense of the other approaches to the sum of the interior angles of polygons.  We also added notes for calculating the measure of ONE interior (and exterior) angle of any regular polygon and practiced solving for one angle.

Finally, students worked with tile pieces to make conjectures (rules) for determining which regular polygons could be used to completely tile surfaces (unit 2.3).

Due next class:  Unit 2.3 ALL and ACE numbers 16 and 20.

Mathxl 2 due Friday.  Quiz Thursday (Period 5) OR Friday (Periods 2, 6).

Accel Monday

Students brought all of the systems work together to complete unit 2.3 and ACE from chaptere 2:  1 (be sure to graph accurately!), 3-14, 17, 19-20, 29-31, 56, 57, due Wedensday.

Quiz Thursday and Mathxl 2 due Thursday at 8 am.

Algebra Periods 2,6 Friday

Students worked on solving for the sum of the exterior angles of any polygon.  We used that constant sum and supplementary angles to write another equation for the sum of interior angles of polygons.

Due next class:  Unit 2.4 and ACE 14, 15.  (Period 2 was accidentally assigned 13, 14.)  Please do number 15 instead of 13 if you read this.

Mathxl 2 due next Friday and Quiz Friday.

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