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This year in Algebra 8, we will be covering the following topics: Linear, quadratic and exponential functions (growth and decay), patterns in data that reflect these functions, systems of functions, statistics (including standard deviation and correlation), and the Pythagorean Theorem.  We will be using Connected Mathematics 3 textbooks throughout the year.

Grades are based upon mastery of the material.

For Semester 1, here is the break-down of the grades:

Assignments/classwork: 10% of total grade.  Assignments are graded on completion only.  Generally a 2 means that is was completely done.  1 means only partially complete.  0 means that it was not handed in.  Assignments are generally due the next class day.  Late work is only accepted up to the assessment (quiz).

Quizzes and Weekly Reviews: 10% of total grade.  Weekly Reviews can only be revised to a 70% after handing it in.  Quizzes can be revised for up to 90% prior to the test on the unit.  Quizzes are treated as “practice tests” so students can identify areas of mastery and areas in need of further study.  Revisions are strongly encouraged for all students so that they do not make the same mistakes on future assessments.

 Tests:   80% of total grade. Tests are generally at the end of the unit after quizzes, study guides and practice.  Tests can only be revised for up to 70% using the pink correction sheet.  Mastery work is required for students to earn a higher grade.

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