Science Friday

As I owed students a “choice” research day from our last early release day, today was a choice research day.  Students chose to code, work on ISEF projects, or research science topics of interest.

Algebra Friday

Students were able to look at their test grades.  As there are students who will take it after break, I did not let them take their tests.  However, students were encouraged to plan to come in on January 3 during my office hours if they want to start revisions.

Students used class time to complete GGG units 2.1 and 2.2 and handed it in today.  Students who missed class should complete these units.

Science Thursday

We started our unit on Fields and Waves with a Secrets of Nature Video on the EM spectrum.  Students were to take at least 10 factual notes related to the EM spectrum during the video.

Algebra Thursday

Students took their test today.  If a student missed the test, they will take it upon return to school.

Algebra Tuesday and Wednesday

Students took their quiz 2 on Tuesday.  Class time on Wednesday was used to revise the quiz or Weekly Review, if necessary.

Test on Thursday.

Science Tuesday and Wednesday

Students studied on Tuesday.  The quiz was on Wednesday.

Science Monday

Students continued practice by completing review sheets (Worksheets on prior post).

Energy Quiz Review Key


Algebra Monday

Students used class time to complete missing work and to revise Quiz 1 if needed AND mathxl review unit for GGG.

Quiz Tuesday

Test Thursday and Friday.

Science Friday

We reviewed text notes and Energy Conversion notes.

Students have a test on Wednesday.  See previous  post for LT’s.

Algebra Friday

Students continued practice with scientific notation.  Sheet 8.4 A due Monday.

Quiz on Tuesday.  Revision on Wednesday.

Test Thursday and Friday.

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