Science Tuesday

Students worked on the review for Newton’s Laws from the physics classroom.  Answers and explanations are here:


Quiz Wednesday.

Algebra Tuesday

Students worked on unit 3.1 in the textbook, due Tuesday.

WR due Friday.

Quizzes were passed back today and Quarter 2 grades are now posted for math.  Revisions due by Thursday, 11/9.

Math Thursday

Today we finished reviewing for the quiz which is on Friday.  Suggested review items:  Unit 1.3, ACE chapter 1 problems 21-25 (exact areas!), Unit 2.3 and ACE chapter 2, problems 4, 5-46, 74-76 and simplifying radicals worksheet.

WR due Friday.

Science Thursday

Students started their exploration of free body diagrams.  We read notes from the Physics Classroom found here:

Force notes

And worked the interactive found here:

Force notes and interactive


Science Wednesday

As with all early release days in science, students spent time learning about areas of science that they want to learn more about.  Time can be used for ISEF projects or learning coding or a variety of other activities and learning.

Algebra Wednesday

We spent some time on a math application for Every Soul a Star.  Students then  had time to complete work that will be due on Thursday and Friday.  (See previous post).

Science Tuesday

Students explored Newton’s Third Law and momentum through some activities and demonstrations.  Worksheet due on Thursday.

Newton’s Laws comic due 10/31.

Quiz next week.

Learning Targets:

I can correctly calculate (WITH UNITS) acceleration, force, mass, constant speed or velocity.

I can state and apply Newton’s Three Laws of motion.

I can apply inertia to Newton’s first law and momentum to Newton’s 3rd law and can apply inertia and momentum to real life examples.

I can draw free body diagrams to show the forces acting on an object at a specific moment in time.

Algebra Tuesday

Students practiced simplifying and estimating square roots further today by completing the worksheet found here:

Simplifying and estimating radicals practice

Students also worked on ACE Chapter 2, numbers 17-39 and 42, 43.   All work is due on Thursday.

WR due on Friday.

Mathxl unit 1 of LFP is available and due on October 31 (Tuesday).

Quiz on Friday on Chapters 1 and 2 of Pythagoras.  Learning Targets are on the previous post.

Algebra Quiz 1 (LFP) Learning Targets

I can find the area of an irregular shape on a grid.

Given any square on the grid I can calculate the area and the side length of the square.

I can simplify radicals and can estimate decimal equivalents to the tenths place for radicals.

I can use a square to find the length of any segment on the grid.

I can draw a prime factor tree for any number and write the prime factorization in exponent form.

I can use the squares and square roots to solve problems through 15 x 15.

I can compare and order numbers including real numbers and square roots.  (I can place them on the number line using the estimates of the square roots.)

Science Monday

Students continued work on their Newton’s laws comic/flip book or made up any missing work from last week.

The Newton’s laws flip book or comic will be due on 10/31 (Tuesday).

The quiz has been delayed until later next week (11/1 or later).

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