Science Wednesday

I returned students’ SST sheets to them today.  We talked about expectations.  Students had more than 2 class periods and access to textbooks to take home or to work with during lunch.  They also had access to fellow students and me while they were working to clarify terms.

Students continued their Marble Speed lab today.  Students should be working on their data analyses and conclusions, due Friday.

For the data analysis, students should identify any patterns within data tables and between data tables.

For the conclusion students should

  • restate the purpose and hypothesis
  • give an overview of the data
  • state if the data proves or disproves the hypothesis based upon their data analysis (justify your answer based upon your data)
  • Recognize any errors that might have impacted results

Algebra Wednesday

Students took the quiz today.  Students were given the option to take a few extra minutes to finish during lunch if they needed it.

All late work was to be handed in today.

Students also received last week’s WR graded.  Revisions must be done before the next quiz.

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