Science Friday

Students completed part 2 of the tower challenge and then reflected on their successes and challenges that they encountered with building design.  Students were encouraged to think about what they might change if they had a third try.  Due Monday:  Building Design Challenges Parts 1, 2, and any notes or drawings.

Algebra Friday

A few students had questions about solving multi-step equations as of this morning.  As a result, we put notes in this year’s notebook on how to solve them.  Students were given the option to either hand in their WR today or Monday with no grade impact.

We also reviewed the integer work.  Students are to continue integer practice and complete either the packet or one puzzle or some combination, due Monday.

Students worked on unit 2.3 in class and handed it in at the end of class.  For students who were not here, unit 2.3, parts A through D due Monday.  Be sure to  identify variables!

Finally, I handed out the new weekly review.  I will be addressing questions 1 and 2 on Tuesday, so students who are confused on those problems should wait until then to solve them. WR 9/8 will be due 9/15.

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