Algebra Class notes 9/5-9/7 slope, linear equations, integer rules

09/05 through 09/07

Science Wednesday

Today we finalized notes and practiced conversions between metric measures.  Students handed in their metric olympics, the metric measurement worksheet, and the metric conversion worksheet.

We then started brainstorming for our first design challenge.

Due Thursday:  ideas and/or diagrams to share with your group to help build the tower tomorrow.

Algebra Wednesday

Students completed notes on linear patterns in data tables, graphs and equations.  Students practiced these skills, especially using the slope formula, to complete unit 2.2 in Thinking With Math Models (TWMM).

Due Thursday:  TWMM unit 2.2 AND ACE problem 13 on page 49.

Due Friday:  Weekly Review (Summative.  SHOW ALL WORK!)

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