Algebra Study Guide key

Error on key:  Matching for number 4, I switched the graph and equation letters.  The Group 3 should read Table C, Graph G, and Equation J.  Also, Table B is grouped with Graph H and Equation M

Finally, problem 12 e is marked as a challenge.  There will NOT be a problem this hard on the assessments.

MSA Grade level study guide key

Algebra Periods 2,6 Thursday

Students entered notes on perpendicular and parallel lines in their notebooks.  Students continued practice with applications of linear equations by working A, C, and D of unit 4.4 and ACE numbers 3-12, due next class.

Mathxl 4 due Friday 4/21 at 8 am.  Also all Equation quiz revisions should be done by Friday.

Quiz Monday for Period 2 and Tuesday for Period 6.

Test for both classes on Thursday 4/27.

Accel Thursday and Friday

Students are preparing for their Quiz 2 (Monday) and Test (Wednesday) by working ACE Chapter 5: 1-6, 9, 13, 30, 33-37, and 39; AND Chapter 4:  31, 38, 49-51.

Mathxl 2 due Friday April 21 at 8am.

Quiz 1 revisions due Friday.

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