Algebra Period 5 Wednesday

Students took notes on parallel and perpendicular lines as we reviewed unit 4.3.  We continued work with applications of linear equations.  Due next class:  unit 4.4 (A, C, D only- NOT B) and ACE numbers 3-12.

Algebra Period 6 Wednesday

Students continued exploration of slope with parallel and perpendicular lines.  Unit 4.3 due next class.

Quiz revisions from the equation quiz are due no later than 4/21

Quiz 3 of MSA has been moved to  Tuesday for Period 6.

Mathxl unit 4 is still due on Friday 4/21 and the test dates remain the same.

****All Students need to bring their own rulers and graph paper to school!

Accel Wednesday

Students worked through puzzles and odd/even number concepts to explore justifying their work.

Due Thursday:  units 5.1 and 5.2

Accel study guide key for symbols quiz/test

symbols study guide answer key

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