Accel Symbols Quiz 2 LT’s

  • I can identify quadratic, linear, inverse or exponential functions from their graphs, tables, equations or from the problem situation.
  • I can justify the type of function based on the patterns in the data.
  • I can use the patterns in data to write the equation for a problem situation.
  • I can describe the graph for each type of situation or equation (graph or table, too!)
  • I can use substitution to solve systems of equations (find intersection points).
  • I can mathematically justify that two expressions are equivalent.

Algebra MSA Quiz 2 LT’s

  • I can solve and check a multi-step equation.
  • Given a point, a graph or an equation for a line, I can calculate the slope and the y-intercept for that line.
  • I can write the equation for a line, given a graph or data (at least 2 points).
  • I can write a linear equation, draw the graph, and write a data table given a problem situation and solve.
  • Given the equation or data points, I can draw the graph of the line and identify more points on the line (extend the data table).

Algebra Periods 2, 5, Monday and Period 6 Tuesday

Students continued their exploration of slopes by working unit 4.2 in their textbooks and ACE, Chapter 4, problems  20-26   due next class.

Quiz MOnday 4/24 for Periods 2, 5 and Tuesday 4/25 for period 6.

Mathxl unit 4 due 4/21

Test for Period 5 is on 4/26 and for period 2, 6 on 4/27.

Accel Monday

Students continued work with linear, quadratic, exponential and inverse functions in context problems.  Students are using substitution to solve systems of equations.

Due next classL 4.4 and ACE Chapter 4, 21, 23, 25, 26

Quiz 2 on 4/24, Test on 4/27.

Mathxl unit 2 Due 4/21

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