Algebra Periods 2, 5, 6 Friday

Periods 5 and 6 had a sub today, so if you are confused, please try a few problems using your notes and then we will go over the material on Monday/Tuesday in class.

Students received notes on calculating slope in class.  Yellow sheet, both sides, is due Monday.

MSA quiz 3 is on Friday, 4/21.  Mathxl 4 is due 4/21

Test is on Wednesday, 4/26 for period 5 and on Thursday, 4/26 for Periods 2, 6.

Accel Friday

Due Monday:  4.3 and ACE from chapter 4, numbers 8-20. For 9c, you can use a graphing calculator to graph and look for the intersection points.

Quiz 2 on 4/24, Test on 4/27.

Mathxl unit 2 Due 4/21

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