Accel Algebra Friday

Students reviewed factoring quadratic equations and finding their solutions.

Unit 3.3 and ACE from Chapter 2, numbers10-12, 16, 22-28 due Monday.

Mathxl unit 1 due Monday and Quiz on Wednesday 4/12.

Algebra Periods 2,6 Friday

Students are now working on solving 2-step equations.  Students should refer to their notes if they get stuck.

Due Monday:  Both sides of the puzzle with all work done on graph paper.  AT LEAST 5 equations on each side must have checks shown.

***For students who work slower, they must work an additional 30 minutes at home AND have at least one puzzle completely done and 5 problems with checks on the second puzzle done.

Mathxl 3 due Thursday, 4/13.  Quiz Thursday, 4/13

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