Algebra Period 5 Thursday

Students are now working on solving 2-step equations.  Students should refer to their notes if they get stuck.

Due Monday:  Both sides of the puzzle with all work done on graph paper.  AT LEAST 5 equations on each side must have checks shown.

***For students who work slower, they must work an additional 30 minutes at home AND have at least one puzzle completely done and 5 problems with checks on the second puzzle done.

Mathxl 3 due Thursday, 4/13.  Quiz Wednesday 4/12.

Algebra Period 6 Thursday

Students continued solving equations by completing two more puzzles (yellow sheet).  All work must be shown on graph paper.

Quiz next Thursday 4/13 and mathxl 3 due Thursday.

Accel Thursday

Students worked to solve systems of equations by setting them equal to eachother in units 3.1 and 3.2 of Symbols.  The units are due tomorrow.

Mathxl uni1 1 due Monday and Quiz on Wednesday.  Learning Targets on previous post.

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