Algebra Periods 2, 5 Wednesday

Students continued practice with solving equations by working more puzzles.  All work on both yellow puzzles must be shown on graph paper.  Due next class:  Both yellow puzzles.

MSA mathxl unit 3 due Thursday, 4/13.

LT’s for Accel Symbols Quiz 1

I can write equations for linear, inverse, exponential, and quadratic problem situations.

I can justify that expressions are equivalent.

I can solve multi-step equations by using the properties of equality and can check my answer by plugging the value into the original equation.

I can use substitution to solve equations with multiple variables.

I can solve a system of equations by setting the equations equal to eachother (substitution).

I can explain what a solution means in the context of a problem situation.

I can solve for volume of cylinders, spheres, and cones and mathematically justify the relationship between the three figures.


LT’s for Equation Quiz (Algebra)

I can solve one-step, two-step and multi-step equations with real numbers.

I can justify my answer by showing each step, “doing to one side what I do to the other”.

I can correctly check my answer by plugging the value back into the equation and showing that both sides are balanced.

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