Students must earn at least a 60% for unit 4 only.  I would like students to try the distributive property and combining like terms.  However, these skills will be a focus and learning target for the next text book.  Unit 3 must have a score of 70% or higher for full credit.

Algebra Periods 2, 5 Tuesday

Students finished up work on operations with rational numbers by working at least one more puzzle and then studying for the quiz or finishing up late/missing work.  ONE puzzle is due before the quiz.

Algebra Periods 2, 5 Monday and Period 6 Tuesday

We continued practice with PEMDAS and real numbers.  Both sides of the order of operations practice AND ACE starting on page 86, numbers 1-7 are due next class.

Quiz for period 5 on Wednesday and for periods 2,6 on Thursday.

Mathxl units 3 and 4 due Wednesday.

Accel Monday

Students looked for patterns of first, second and third differences in data sets to be able to predict types of equations.  We put notes in our notebooks and then practiced on worksheet 1.1 B and C.

Quiz Wednesday on factoring, solving equations, and graphing, including x and y intercepts, axis of symmetry, and maximum and minimum points.

mathxl units 1 and 2 due Wednesday.

Accel Algebra Friday

Today we took notes on the graphs of quadratic equations including the x-intercepts, axis of symmetry and maximums and minimums.  Students practiced these skills by working unit 2.4 and ACE chapter 2, numbers 22-34, 36 and 51 (hand drawn graphs, NOT calculators!)

Quiz 3/1

mathxl 1 and 2 due 3/1

Algebra Period 5 Thursday and Periods 2,6 Friday

We reviewed the puzzles and practiced some problems.  Students may continue practice with these puzzles this weekend, if necessary.  The puzzles must be turned in before the quiz next week.

Quiz on Wednesday (Period 5) and Thursday (Periods 2,6)

Mathxl units 1 and 2 due Monday 2/27 and units 3&4 due Wednesday 3/1.

Accel Thursday

Students took notes on factoring completely.  They practiced by working unit 9.8 (half).

Mathxl 1 and 2 due before the quiz on Wednesday 3/1.

Algebra Periods 2, 5 Wednesday (Period 6 Thursday)

Students practiced operations with rational numbers by completing two puzzles, due next class.  Students should complete the 800 pound monster AND Wall Street puzzles due next class.  The third puzzle is optional.

Mathxl 1 and 2 due 2/27 and 3 and 4 are due 3/1

Quiz next Wednesday for Period 5 and Thursday for Periods 2 and 6 on multiplying and dividing integers, PEMDAS with integers and combining like terms.

Algebra Periods 2, 5 Tuesday and 6 Wednesday

Students took notes on division and practiced division of real numbers by working unit 3.3 in the text and then ACE problem numbers:  25 due next class.

Accel Tuesday

Students continued practice of factoring polynomials, including special products (difference of two squares, perfect squares, etc).

Work from 9.7 due Thursday.

Mathxl units 1 and 2 due 2/27.  Quiz on 3/1 on factoring completely and solving.

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