Period 6 Tuesday

Students took notes on comparing and ordering integers.

Students practiced by working 3 puzzles.  Additional practice/review was offered for mixed number multiplication with “cross-cancelling”.

Due next class:  3 puzzles.


Periods 2,5 Tuesday

Students continued practice with Integers by completing unit 1.1 in Accentuate the Negative and ACE starting on page 20, number 5-19.

Period 5 Monday

Students completed the MAP test.  Work from last Monday on integers will be due on Tuesday.

Period 2 Monday

Students took notes on comparing and ordering integers and on drawing a number line.  Students practiced this skill by completing 3 puzzles, due Tuesday.

Students also used extra time to practice multiplying mixed numbers and cross cancelling.  Students do not HAVE to do this, but I encourage the practice for those who need it.  This unit involves operations with all real numbers!

Tests were returned today.  Revisions are due completely correct by Friday.

Accel Monday

***Check grades for accuracy!  End of quarter on Friday.

Today we started Frogs, Fleas and Painted Cubes.  Students explored parabolas through units 1.1 and 1.2 an dACE from chapter 1, numbers 3-6.

Students also received their tests.  NP tests must be revised this week.

Algebra Periods 2, 5, 6 Friday and next week

All classes: quiz today

Next week:

  • Period 2:  
    • Monday: revision
    • Tuesday: MAP Testing
    • Wednesday:  no class
    • Thursday:  Test
    • Friday:  auto show
  • Period 5:
    • Monday (quizzes will be returned, but due to an appt, I will not be here, so revision day will be Tuesday.  We will start notes and review integer number lines.)
    • Tuesday:  revision day
    • Wednesday:  Test
    • Thursday:  no class
    • Friday:  auto show
    • Following Monday (1/30) MAP test
  • Period 6:
    • Monday:  no class
    • Tuesday:  revision day
    • Wednesday:  Test
    • Thursday:  MAP testing
    • Friday:  auto show


Accel for Friday 1/20 and next week

Quiz today and all mathxl units/late work due today.

Next week: 

  • Monday:  revision day
  • Wednesday:  Test
  • Thursday:  MAP testing (one class day only)
  • Friday:  auto show

Algebra Periods 2,6 Thursday

We reviewed unit 4.5 and ACE problems.  Students then continued practice of Surface Area and Volume of all shapes AND applications by working on a test review packet.  The key will be made available after the quiz on Friday.

Quiz Friday.

Test for Period 6 on Wednesday, Period 2 on Thursday.

Accel Thursday

Students continued work with exponential functions by comparing graphs using the graphing calculators.  Students completed unit 5.5 and ACE 31-36, due before the quiz on Friday along with mathxl units 4 and 5.

Quiz Friday.  Test next Wednesday.

Accel Algebra Wednesday 1/18

We reviewed units 5.1 and 5.2.  Students started work on 5.3 and 5.4 in class, due tomorrow.

Mathxl 4 and 5 due Friday morning.

Quiz Friday

Test next Wednesday 1/25.

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