Algebra Periods 2, 5, 6

Students looked back in their notes from 10/18-10/20 for their notes on Area and Circumference of circles.  Students practiced finding areas and circumferences of circles using diameters and radius in unit 3.2.  Students continued practice by working ACE problem 11, due next class.

Quiz revisions should be done as soon as possible.  Please use your notebook!

Accel Wednesday

Yesterday students took their quiz.

Today students started work with growth rate and calculating when populations double (without using the initial population!).

Unit 3.1 and ACE 1-5 on pages 48-49 due next class.  Quiz revisions due as soon as possible.

Algebra Period 5 Monday

Quiz today!  We reviewed briefly and students took the quiz on SA and Volume of rectangular and triangular Prisms.

Algebra Period 6 Monday

Students continued work with rectangular and triangular prisms.  Due Tuesday:  Unit 2.2 and ACE 10, 11, 23, 28, 29.  Mathxl 2 due at 8am Tuesday.  (It is already past due!)

Quiz Tuesday.

Accel Monday

Mathxl 1 and 2 were due last week.  Students have tonight to complete them, due Tuesday at 8 am.  Quiz on Tuesday.  Work for today’s class:  ACE, chapter 2, 5-17 and 24.

Period 6 Wednesday

Students took more notes on triangular prism SA and Volume.  Students worked on a yellow prism worksheet and then ACE, problems 3-7 on pages 36-37, due next class.

Mathxl unit 1 due at 8 am on Thursday.

Mathxl unit 2 due at 8 am on Monday.

Period 6 Wednesday

Quiz Friday.  If we have a snow day, the quiz will be moved to Monday (or the next time that I see the students)

Mathxl 1 due Thursday 12/8 at 8 am and Mathxl 2 is due Monday 12/12 at 8 am regardless of snow days.

Periods 2,5 Wednesday

Students continued work with SA and Volume by completing ACE problems, 11, 23, 28, 29, and a triangular prism practice sheet.

Key to triangular prism sheet: 1.  SA = 140 square cm; V= 80 cubic cm.  2.  SA = 246 square in; V = 180 cubic in.  3.  SA = 96 square cm; V = 42 cubic cm  4.  SA = 122 square in; V = 60 cubic in

Mathxl 1 due Thursday morning and Mathxl 2 due Monday, regardless of snow days.  For both classes, your quiz is the next day that I see you!

Accel Wednesday

Students continued the exploration of exponential growth and growth factor by working in unit 2.3, due next class.

Quiz on Friday.  If there is a snow day, the quiz will be moved to Monday.  Mathxl units are still due on-time (1 and 2 due Friday at 8am)

Periods 2,5 tuesday

Students took more notes on nets for surface area of triangular prisms. They practiced by completing unit 2.2 and ACE numbers 2, 3,4,5,6,7 and 10 due next class. Mathxl units 1  and 2  should be completed before quizzes.

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