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Science Thursday and Friday

On Thursday students explored Newton’s second law by completing an exploration and drawing the graph.

On Friday, students read the last section of Chapter 2 and completed their note sheets.  They then started work on their “Newton’s Laws” project by brainstorming ideas.  Students will have time on Monday to work on the project, also.

Quiz next week?!

Science Wednesday

We reviewed the math practice of force, motion, acceleration and velocity.

Students then worked on an exploration of Newton’s first law.  The worksheet is due Thursday.

Science Tuesday

Students completed note sheets from yesterday through Newton’s second law.  Then students practiced using the formulas to solve for acceleration, mass and force by completing the three worksheets:

All work is due Wednesday.

Science Monday

Today we revisited Newton’s first law and started looking at Free Body Diagrams.

Students used Professor Mac’s videos of the First and Second laws and their textbooks to start completing note sheets.

Science Wednesday

Today students worked in their textbooks and took notes on gravity, acceleration and combined forces.

Science Tuesday

Students discussed terminal velocity and then read “Raindrops break the speed limit” and answered the questions, due Wednesday.

Science Monday

Students had the opportunity to revise their test on Forces and Motion using notes and textbooks.

Science Friday

Students took their quiz on Motion and Forces today.

Acceleration lab due no later than Monday.

Science Thursday

Students studied and practiced reading position-time graphs and velocity-time graphs.


Interactive here:

Position-time graphs and velocity-time graphs interactive



Science Tuesday

Students used class time to complete their Acceleration lab and to study using the Chapter 1 study guide for their quiz on Friday.

SST’s were due today.

Acceleration lab due Friday.

Quiz Friday.

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