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Science Tuesday and Wednesday

Students studied on Tuesday.  The quiz was on Wednesday.

Science Monday

Students continued practice by completing review sheets (Worksheets on prior post).

Energy Quiz Review Key


Science Friday

We reviewed text notes and Energy Conversion notes.

Students have a test on Wednesday.  See previous  post for LT’s.

Science Thursday

Students watched the Bill Nye Energy video and took notes.

Students continued with energy transformation notes.

Bill Nye Energy video Notes

energy worksheets and review

Science Wednesday

Students used class time to complete their note packets on Energy, sections 2 and 3 and to complete their pendulum lab, due no later than Friday.

Quiz on Wednesday.  See previous post for learning targets.

Learning Targets for Energy Quiz

  • I can define and identify (apply) kinetic energy (KE), potential energy ( PE) and thermal energy within a problem situation.
  • I can identify the different forms of PE and KE.
  • I  can give/explain examples of energy transformations.
  • I can identify types of energy and transfers of energy in a variety of science applications including photosynthesis (solar energy used to…) and the human body (food as chemical energy to…)
  • I can solve for KE, work, Mechanical energy, and gravitational Potential Energy in a problem situation (using the correct SI units).
  • I can define energy, work, thermal energy, PE, KE, mechanical energy, chemical energy, sound energy, light energy, electrical energy, nuclear energy, and friction (in terms of energy).
  • I can identify the three things that determine how much thermal energy is in a system.
  • I can identify the types of energy present at different times in a problem situation (skate park, roller coaster, pendulum, etc.)
  • I can explain the Law of conservation of energy and apply it to a problem situation.
  • I can explain why it is not possible to have a perpetual motion machine.

Science Monday and Tuesday

Monday we talked about the Rocket labs and about correct citations.  We then launched into our Pendulum lab.  Students will continue/finish the pendulum lab in class on Tuesday.  Lab write-up (just the worksheets and 2 graphs) due on Thursday.

Science Friday

Students continue to explore systems of energy.  Today we used the same skate park simulation.  Yesterday only involved KE and PE and students learned that mass and beginning height of the skater determined the amount of energy.  Today we will add friction to the system for a more realistic simulation of a system of energy.  Due Monday:  Part 2 worksheet from the skate park simulation.  See link on previous blog post for site.

PhET Energy Skate Park part 2

Science Tuesday

We reviewed the Section 1 notes on Potential and  Kinetic Energy.

Students then applied their knowledge to a PHet simulation (from the University of Colorado).

Skate Park Simulation

Part 1 due Friday.

Rocket lab due Friday at the absolute latest!

Science Wednesday

Today we completed notes and reviewed the notes for Section 1 of Chapter 5 on Potential and Kinetic Energy.

Students then applied their new learning to wind up toys.  (Worksheet it due on Thursday if not handed in today.)

Due no later than Friday:  Rocket lab report.

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