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Science Tuesday

Students started viewing the National Geographic video, The Story of Earth.  They made tables of the time periods and recorded details regarding temperatures, atmospheric conditions, life, continents, etc.  Please be careful if you use CC as many of the terms are incorrect!   Also note that all work, including moon journals and any revisions must be submitted no later than April 4 for Q3 grades.

Science Monday

Students continued work on SST’s.

SST’s and ALL REVISION work must be handed in by Wednesday, April 4 for a grade change for Q3.  This date applies to all who are extending vacations.  In some cases, revisions and SST’s should be handed in before leaving for break.

Science Friday

Students started geologic time SST’s.  All students have copies of the chapter for availability for those leaving early or returning late from Spring Break.  These SST’s will be due no later than April 4 (the Wednesday after Spring Break).

All other revisions or late work should be in before Spring Break.

Science Thursday

We completed our Solar System “football field” model and made planispheres as a close to our astronomy unit.  Students handed in their football field and the questions (from today) and the “Planets on paper: Modeling Diameter” and “How Big is our solar system” sheets.

Science Wednesday

Students watched the Crash Course on Astronomy distances and took notes.  They then read an article we will use tomorrow.  Students who were absent on Wednesday will be able to get the article next class.

Crash Course Astronomy distances Notes sheet

Science Tuesday

Students started work on the scale models of planets and the solar system. Due Wednesday:  “Modeling Diameter” of planets AND “How big is our solar system?”.

Science Friday and Monday

Students took their Astronomy quiz on Friday.  Today students will be able to use class time and their notebooks to earn  back point on the quiz or to revise to passing.

Science Thursday

Study Day!  Quiz on Friday.  All late work should be in unless due to long term illness.

Science Wednesday

Students used class time to review the phases of the moon and other learning targets to organize studying for the quiz.  Students will also have Thursday class time to prepare for the quiz which is on Friday.  Students should be prepared to hand in their Seasons packets before the quiz on Friday, also.

Science Tuesday

Students used class time to sketch eclipse drawings and complete work from previous classes.  Students also read current news events in Science World magazine.

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