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Accel Friday

Students continued practice with linear inequalities by working units 4.3 and 4.4 in the text, due Tuesday.

Quiz Thursday.  Mathxl 3 and 4 due Thursday 8 am.


Accel Thursday

Students explored systems of linear inequalities.  Due Friday:  Worksheet 7.6 and ACE from Chapter 3 (starting on page 54), numbers 2-11.

Mathxl 3 due before the quiz on 6/1.

Accel Wednesday

Students worked in their textbook, units 3.2 and 3.3 due Thursday. 

Upcoming dates:  Quiz 2 Thursday, 6/1 and Unit test 6/8;  Mathxl units 3 and 4 due before the quiz on 6/1

MAP testing Monday 6/5

Learning Targets of Systems Quiz 2

  • I can solve for a system of equations using elimination, substitution and/or graphing.
  • I can solve and graph a system of inequalities.
  • I can solve a problem situation using systems of equations and systems of inequalities.
  • I can identify parallel and perpendicular lines and the relationships between their equations.
  • I can use parallel and perpendicular lines to solve for a problem situation.

All classes Monday and Period 6 Tuesday

Final State Math Performance Task testing.

Accel Friday

Students reviewed solving and graphing inequalities with real numbers.  Sheet 6.3 1-10, all/11-23 odd and 25-29 all AND unit 3.1 from Systems book due Wednesday (5/24).

Final state test (Math Performance Task) during class Monday.  Please be sure to eat a good breakfast!

Accel Thursday

Students took Quiz 1 of systems of equations.


Accel Monday

Students brought all of the systems work together to complete unit 2.3 and ACE from chaptere 2:  1 (be sure to graph accurately!), 3-14, 17, 19-20, 29-31, 56, 57, due Wedensday.

Quiz Thursday and Mathxl 2 due Thursday at 8 am.

Accelerated Systems Quiz 1 Learning Targets

  • I can write linear equations in both standard and slope-intercept forms.
  • Given a problem situation, I can write equations in standard form and solve for specific points.
  • I can solve systems of equations using elimination, substitution and graphing.
  • I can identify if a system of equations has one solution, no solutions or infinite solutions.

Accel Wednesday

Students continued work on solving systems of equations.  Due next class:  unit 7.3 B.

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