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Algebra Friday

Students started work with ACE review for the quiz.  They will have class time on Tuesday, also, to work on the ACE problems and mathxl, if needed.

Due Wednesday before the quiz:

ACE chapter 2:  23-31 and 40

ACE chapter 1:  15-17, 27, 34-52

SIWS Quiz 1 Learning Targets

  • I can solve for the volume of a sphere, cone and a cylinder (in pi form, without using calculators).
  • I can write two equivalent expressions for a problem situation and show that they are equivalent.
  • I can show that two expressions are or are NOT equivalent and justify my answer through algebra, tables and graphs.
  • I can combine expressions to solve for problem situations (Profit, expense, income problems).
  • I can factor out the greatest common monomial of expressions and use the factors to solve problem situations.


Algebra Thursday

We continued our work with volume of spheres, cones and cylinders.  Students completed unit 2.4 and ACE from Chapter 2, numbers 10-12 and the volume worksheet.

Due Friday:  2.4 and ACE and Weekly Review

Quiz on Wednesday, 2/21 and Mathxl unit 1 due 2/21.

Algebra Wednesday

We reviewed our notes for volume of cylinders and cones and then added the notes for the volume of a sphere:  4/3 * pi* r^3 (or “4/3 pi r cubed”).

Students practiced by working through unit 2.3 and ACE problems 13-16 (Chapter 2) due Thursday.

WR due Friday

Quiz and mathxl due on 2/21.

Algebra Tuesday

Students worked on unit 2.1 to combine expressions to solve a problem situation.  They further practiced with Income, Expense, Profit equations (Profit=income-expenses).

Due Wednesday:  2.1 and ACE (chapter 2) 1-5 and 21, 22.

Due Friday:   WR

Quiz and mathxl due 2/21

Algebra Monday

Students took notes on factoring out the greatest monomials of polynomials.  They practiced by working worksheet 9.4, side A.  Side B  is optional

WR due Friday.

Algebra Friday

We reviewed factoring out the greatest common factor and then worked unit 1.4 and ACE problems 8, 9, 11, Due Monday.

Students received their tests.  Students may revise to passing.

Algebra Thursday

Students took notes on checking to see if expressions are equivalent.  They practiced this skill by working unit 1.3 and ACE problems 5, 6, 12, and 24, due Friday.

Algebra Wednesday

We started Say it with Symbols.  Due Thursday:  unit 1.1 and ACE problems 1 and 2

Algebra Tuesday

Test today.  Tomorrow we will start “Say it with Symbols”.

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