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Algebra Thursday

Students worked on unit 3.1 on graphs and equations representing relationships with Inverse Variation.  They continued practice with ACE.

Due Friday:  WR #3, Unit 3.1 and ACE Chapter 3 problems 2 and 22-27.

Due Monday:  mathxl unit 1 (TWMM)

Algebra Wednesday

Students took the quiz today.  Students were given the option to take a few extra minutes to finish during lunch if they needed it.

All late work was to be handed in today.

Students also received last week’s WR graded.  Revisions must be done before the next quiz.

Algebra Tuesday

Students continued to prepare for their quiz which is tomorrow.  The packet was attached to last night’s blog.  The key is attached here:

TWMM unit 1 quiz review KEY

ALL late work, including the revision for the first Weekly Review, is due before the quiz on Wednesday.

Mathxl unit 1 is due Monday, 9/25

Weekly Review #3 is due Friday, 9/23

Algebra Tuesday

We continued to practice for the quiz.  Students worked on the packet.   For those who are absent, here is the packet:

TWMM Review Quiz 1

Algebra Monday

Students continued practice with linear equations practice in mathxl and ACE problems.  ACE problems due  Tuesday.

Quiz moved to Wednesday.

Algebra Notes 9/8 through 9/15

0908 through 0915

Algebra Friday

All students who were here used the link in the previous post (mathxl) to log into mathxl and to start their first mathxl assignment (not due unit 9/25, but VERY helpful )the upcoming quiz).  Students also worked on practice problems from TWMM ACE chapter 1:  numbers 14-17 and 21-28 and from Chapter 2:  6, 8-11, 13-20.  ACE will be due before the quiz on Tuesday.  Students will have Monday to continue work on ACE and mathxl.

New Weekly Review was handed out to classes today. (I forgot period 1!…so I passed them out to my science students and am making it available here:

Weekly Review 0915  )

QUIZ Tuesday!


Algebra 8 Mathxl link and sign-up


Go to

Log into your google account if you are not already in it.

Click on your class and find the TWMM Unit 1 Assignment.

Algebra Thursday

Students completed the first round of MAP growth tests.  Many students were able to use extra class time to work on this week’s Weekly Review or to revise their WR from last week.  I also informed all math students that I would be in during lunch today to further support any students with their Weekly Reviews or other work.

Due Friday:  Weekly Review 9/8.

Quiz Tuesday.  Learning Targets:

  • I can identify linear and non-linear patterns in data.
  • Given a set of linear data, or a graph, or an equation, I can write the equation, draw the graph or identify a set of data.
  • I can identify the variables for a problem situation, including what the variable stands for and the units used to measure.
  • I can solve multi-step equations for one variable and CHECK my answer.
  • I can correctly simplify expressions by combining like terms and by applying the order of operations.

Algebra Wednesday

We reviewed unit 2.4.  Students also received their first graded Weekly Review.  Students who scored less than a 7/10 should revise (on pink revision sheets) to earn a 7/10.

Students then started the MAP test for the beginning of the year.  We will complete the MAP test on Thursday.

Due Friday:  Weekly Review 9/11  ;  QUIZ Tuesday 9/19

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