Science Thursday

We started class discussing the data analysis and conclusion of the “speed” lab.

We added the formula for acceleration to our “speed” notes and then practiced solving for acceleration.  Notes and worksheets here:

Acceleration notes and worksheet

I encouraged students to complete their lab and Acceleration worksheet for tomorrow (Friday).  However, understanding schedules, I am letting students continue work over the weekend, if necessary.  Both the speed lab and acceleration worksheets are due no later than Monday.

Algebra Thursday

Students worked on unit 3.1 on graphs and equations representing relationships with Inverse Variation.  They continued practice with ACE.

Due Friday:  WR #3, Unit 3.1 and ACE Chapter 3 problems 2 and 22-27.

Due Monday:  mathxl unit 1 (TWMM)

Science Wednesday

I returned students’ SST sheets to them today.  We talked about expectations.  Students had more than 2 class periods and access to textbooks to take home or to work with during lunch.  They also had access to fellow students and me while they were working to clarify terms.

Students continued their Marble Speed lab today.  Students should be working on their data analyses and conclusions, due Friday.

For the data analysis, students should identify any patterns within data tables and between data tables.

For the conclusion students should

  • restate the purpose and hypothesis
  • give an overview of the data
  • state if the data proves or disproves the hypothesis based upon their data analysis (justify your answer based upon your data)
  • Recognize any errors that might have impacted results

Algebra Wednesday

Students took the quiz today.  Students were given the option to take a few extra minutes to finish during lunch if they needed it.

All late work was to be handed in today.

Students also received last week’s WR graded.  Revisions must be done before the next quiz.

Science Tuesday

We talked about lightning today as students asked and we will be talking about electricity later this year.  We talked about the two theories as to why  the positive and negative charges separate to cause the lightning.

See the NOAA site:

Students started their Marble Speed lab today.  They will finish tomorrow.

Quiz the first week of October on the first set of SST’s and Speed, Acceleration, SI (units).

Algebra Tuesday

Students continued to prepare for their quiz which is tomorrow.  The packet was attached to last night’s blog.  The key is attached here:

TWMM unit 1 quiz review KEY

ALL late work, including the revision for the first Weekly Review, is due before the quiz on Wednesday.

Mathxl unit 1 is due Monday, 9/25

Weekly Review #3 is due Friday, 9/23

Algebra Tuesday

We continued to practice for the quiz.  Students worked on the packet.   For those who are absent, here is the packet:

TWMM Review Quiz 1

Science Monday

Students handed in their SST’s.  We looked at the “speed worksheet” and took notes on calculating speed and velocity.

Students practiced solving for speed, velocity, distance and time in a variety of examples. Find worksheet here:

Speed Problems

speed notes

Algebra Monday

Students continued practice with linear equations practice in mathxl and ACE problems.  ACE problems due  Tuesday.

Quiz moved to Wednesday.

Algebra Notes 9/8 through 9/15

0908 through 0915

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