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7th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
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  • Thursday, January 18

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    Social Studies

    Africa Physiographic Map Quiz (formative)

    Introducing our Ancient Kingdoms of Africa narrative (instructions and resources on Classroom–final product will be typed or handwritten and turned in on paper)

    Homework: Ancient Kingdoms of Africa narrative due Monday; only part of one more class period to work on it


    Language Arts

    “Grit” video (recorded on mindset/novel graphic organizer)

    Mindset article and discussion

    Reading Chapter 5 and checking vocab cards

    Homework: Vocab #6 quiz on Tuesday

  • Wednesday, January 17

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    Social Studies

    Rome Final Corrections – students were emailed a copy of their responses and points earned on the Rome Final. Because we curved this assignment, the percentage in the email is not accurate, though their FamilyLink grade is. They can do handwritten corrections using the email and the blank test in Classroom for up to the next letter grade (i.e. C+ could become a B, a B+ could become an A, etc. No corrections for As). These corrections need to be turned in by next Wednesday, as it’s the last week of the quarter!

    Homework: Africa Physiographic Map Quiz tomorrow


    Language Arts

    Finishing 3 Column notes for Breaking Through Chapters 1-3 (Chapter 4 was so short, I’m not requiring 3 Column notes)

    Chapters 2 & 3 review questions on Classroom

    Running Dream essay score sheets handed out — several students forgot to resubmit their essays after getting feedback on the rough draft; I will score those and any late essays as soon as possible

    Homework: Vocab #6 cards are due tomorrow

  • Friday, January 12

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    Have a great weekend!

    Social Studies

    “The Shape of Africa” article review and notes (we ran out of time with this article yesterday)

    Flocab “Week in Rap” — current events study

    Homework: We have a quiz on the Africa Physiographic Map next Thursday, so students should be studying a bit every night; finishing the “Shape of Africa” worksheet for Tuesday.


    Language Arts

    Silent Reading

    Chapter 1 Review (Classroom)

    Reading Chapter 3 and 3-Column notes

    Homework: Finish Chapter 3, and the “Forced Out” review on Classroom by  Tuesday.

  • Thursday, January 11

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    Social Studies

    New Seats

    Looking at Africa’s Geography Slides from yesterday

    Misconceptions and stereotypes about Africa

    “The Shape of Africa” article and pinwheel reading/responding activity

    Homework: 3rd period students need to take notes on sections 2-4, as they did not get that far during class. Bullet point notes are fine, and need to be shown to me tomorrow for credit. Everyone should study the  Africa Physiographic Map


    Language Arts

    Caught Ya #7

    Growth vs Fixed mindset video and response

    Character experiences and mindsets graphic organizer — watched and filled in the row for “Video #1”

    Reading Chapter 2

    Homework: Bring a book for silent reading at the start of tomorrow’s class. Students should have  their copies of Breaking Through EVERY DAY.

  • Wednesday, January 10

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    Please excuse the missing posts. In Social Studies this week, students continued our study of the diverse geography of the African continent, while in Language Arts, we began reading our new novel: Breaking Through.

    Social Studies

    Africa’s Geography Slideshow (Google Classroom assignment)

    Sharing slideshows

    Homework: Keep that Africa Physiology map packet, as a quiz is TBD for next week.


    Language Arts

    “The Harvest” video and discussion

    Introduction to mindsets and our unit’s essential question

    Finishing Chapter 1

    Homework: WOW writing should have been submitted this morning; a new topic will be announced on Friday. Students should finish reading Chapter 1, and remember to ALWAYS bring their books with them to class.

  • Friday, January 5

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    Happy Friday!

    Social Studies

    Flocabulary “Week in Review” — current event research & sharing

    Africa Physiographic Map and Questions (extra packets in my room)

    Homework: None


    Language Arts

    Silent Reading

    WOW Writing (a new, weekly assignment which requires students to write 200 words on either an assigned topic, or one of their choice–students should have a handout with details) introduced and brainstorming time

    Homework: Study for Monday’s Vocabulary #5 quiz; WOW Writing due on Wednesday (Topic: weather — reminder that students can approach the topic however they like; it does not have to be expository)

  • Thursday, January 14

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    Social Studies

    Geography Bee

    African continent geography map and questions

    Homework: None


    Language Arts

    Caught Ya #6 (didn’t get to this yesterday) grammar practice

    Carousel Gallery Walk and write (a preview activity for Breaking Through, our next novel)

    Vocabulary #5 review

    Homework: Study for Monday’s Vocab #5 quiz; NO MORE Reading logs; Remember to bring a book for silent reading tomorrow!

  • Wednesday, January 3

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    Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fun and rejuvenating Winter Break.

    Social Studies

    Geography Bee (Rounds 1-4 of 7)

    Homework: None! Get plenty of sleep for the remainder of the Geo Bee tomorrow!


    Language Arts

    Winter Break Awesome Moment journal write and share

    Caught Ya #6

    Vocabulary #5 Review

    Homework: Study Vocab #5 for a quiz on Monday

  • Friday, December 15

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    Happy Winter Break!

    Social Studies

    *Final Rome Test grades will not be posted until after Break*

    “Roman City”

    Homework: None! Have a wonderful holiday break!


    Language Arts

    Crispin the Pig reading and discussion

    Secret Santa gift exchange

    Homework: Read and enjoy your holiday break!


  • Wednesday, December 13

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    Social Studies

    Fall of Rome theories related to modern-day issues

    Geography Kahoot (Geo Bee will start after Break)

    Homework: Study for tomorrow’s final! 


    Language Arts

    Goosechase vocabulary scavenger hunt

    Homework: Finish finalized draft for tomorrow