March 19, 2018 to March 23, 2018
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Challenger Deep Collage Book Entries Checklist:Challenger Deep Collage Book Entries

DUE: Tuesday, 3/20

Challenger Deep Test= Thursday, 3/22

Wednesday (3/21)

  • Naviance = Resume Building

Tuesday (3/20)

  1. Opening
  • Consistent Verb Tense Check-up (must get in class)

2. Reading

  • Challenger Deep Chapter 158

3. Research Posters/HOMEWORK

  • Continue preparation of poster
  • Assign individual group members a task to complete outside of classroom for contribution on Thursday.
  • DUE: end of class Thursday, 3/22

Monday (3/19)

  1.  Opening
  • Journal Entry: Make 2 columns; head one column PRESENT and the other PAST
  • Sort verbs according to tense
  • WORDS: take  am   dug  did  burst  say  do  felt  saw  told  dig  had  buy  burst  go  feel  took  is  are  were  make  said  made  have  bought  went  tell  read  see  style  read
  • Review the importance of consistent verb tense in prose

2. Posters

  • Critique samples to determine characteristics of an effective PRESENTATION POSTER.

3.  Research/planning

  • Groups begin mock-up of Mental Health Awareness posters.

4. Homework

  • COLLAGE BOOK + checklist;  DUE: tomorrow, Tuesday, 3/20

  • Group Mental Health Awareness Posters: DUE: Thursday, 3/21

March 12, 2018 to March 16, 2018
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Challenger Deep Collage Book Entries Checklist:Challenger Deep Collage Book Entries

DUE: Tuesday, 3/20

Challenger Deep Vocabulary List 4 : https://quizlet.com/200202460/challenger-deep-list-4-flash-cards/

Vocabulary Quiz= Friday, March 16

Friday (3/16)

  1. Opening
  • Review for Vocabulary Quiz

2. Research

  • Research + take notes on your Mental Health Awareness topic
  • Here are a few good sites:
  • National Institute of Mental Health
  • National Alliance on Mental Health Illness
  • TeenHealth.org
  • Substance Abuse + Mental Health Services Administration

Thursday (3/15)

  1. Opening

2. Reading

  • Read Challenger Deep Chapter 157

3.  Research

  • Introduce research project
  • Click here for handout:Mental Health Awareness Research
  • Research topics: i. anxiety  ii. borderline personality disorder   iii. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder   iv. Eating Disorders  v. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  vi. Bipolar Disorder   vii. Depression   viii. Schizophrenia
  • Click here for note-taking sheet: Mental Health Research NOTES

Wednesday (3/14)

  1.  Opening
  • In your COLLAGE BOOK, list the terms below: i. Times Square ii. vestibule  iii. doubloon   iv. requiem   v. epiphany
  • Jot down what you know about the words.  You may look them up.

2. Reading I

  • Read aloud Challenger Deep chapters 155 + 156
  • Enjoy Captain Crunch cereal

3.  Allusions

  • Share allusions info + connections by traveling from seat to seat.

4. Homework

  • Work on completing assignments in your COLLAGE BOOKS, which will be turned-in next Tuesday.

Tuesday (3/13)

  1.  Opening
  • In your COLLAGE Book, write the following terms – – – skip a line between each.
  • i. Mona Lisa, Scream (ghost face), Pinocchi, Atlas (Greek mythology), Narcissus (Greek mythology), Scrooge, Achilles (Greek mythology), Good Samaritan, Hieronymus Bosch
  • Jot down any info you possess about the terms (about 3 minutes working independently).
  • One minute to walk around to “get + give” info.
  • Debrief as whole class.

2. Character portraits + poems

  • Gallery Walk

3. Reading I

  • Given a term alluded to in Challenger Deep, locate excerpt as used in book, research term’s background info, explain connection in context of the novel
  • Click here for retrieval chart:allusions
  • If you are absent, you must get a term from me.

4. Reading II

  • Read Challenger Deep through Chapter 155.
  • RR# 7 CD rr#7

5.  Homework

  • Allusion sheet (see ReadingI)
  • RR#7 (see Reading II)

DUE: Wednesday (3/14)

Monday (3/12)

  1. Opening

2.  Reading

  • Revisit and complete Graffiti Responses from last week.
  • Read Challenger Deep Chapter 141 togther.
  • Only period 4 got new RR sheet.

3. Homework

  • Be ready to share Character Portrait and Character verse tomorrow (3/13).  See last Friday’s post.
  • Vocabulary definitions from QUIZLET. See link at top of this page.
  • DUE: Tuesday, 3/13



March 5, 2018 to March 11, 2018
Mar 5th, 2018 by admin

Friday (3/9)

  1. Opening
  • Set up for after-quiz assignment. (See #3 Reading)

2. Vocabulary

  • Quiz:  Challenger Deep List 3: Parts of a Galleon

3.  Reading

4.  Homework

  • Character portrait + poem
  • DUE: Monday, 3/12

Challenger Deep Vocabulary List 3; Click here for QUIZLET: https://quizlet.com/193610865/challenger-deep-list-3-flash-cards/

QUIZ = Friday, March 9

Thursday (3/8)

  1. Opening
  • Vocabulary Review:  Write an analogy for a given vocab word with tablemate.
  • Present to class.
  • A few good ones:  ice skate:blade::galleon:hull;   prologue:epilogue::bow:aft;   elevator:Spaceneedle::ratlines:crow’s nest; Great Britian:Queen::Galleon:figurehead

2. Reading

  • Reading Response Protocol: Silent Graffiti Responses
  • Click here to see prompts: CD ch. 120-140

3. Homework

  • Read Challenger Deep through chapter 140.
  • Study for Vocabulary Quiz
  • Due: Tomorrow, Friday, 3/9

Wednesday (3/7)

  1.  Opening
  • Make chart like mine (projected on screen) in Collage Books.
  • Click here for a visual: March 7 Collage Book Entry
  • In each section jot down key words for stories, people, events,  places, ideas that are commonly known by a large number of people your age.  For example: The Wizard of OZ for FILMS, Dr. Seuss for LITERATURE, burning bush for BIBLE, and Neil Armstrong for HISTORY.
  • Share using Speed Dating protocol.

2. Literary Device

  • Define ALLUSION
  • Study examples
  • Identify some in Challenger Deep chapter titles
  • In groups, analyze one example, identify allusion, explain connection between source of ALLUSION and how it is used in the passage.
  • Groups present findings to class.
  • Click here for a copy of the worksheet: Allusion

3. Homework

  • Read Challenger Deep chapters 125 to 133
  • DUE: Thursday, March 8



Tuesday (3/6)

  1. Opening
  • Sentence study/ literary terms review/author imitation
  • Click here for sentence frames: Author imitation ch118

2. Reading

3.  Viewing

  • 60-Minutes: Mr. Lopez Meets Mr. Ayers:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjr82pzrVSY
  • Respond in Collage Book: Two to three takeways from the video:  How does Mr. Ayers’s story affect/inform/change/affirm your views on mental illness and/or homelessness?

4. Homework

  • Read Challenger Deep chapters 113 thru 124.
  • Answer #5+6 on blue sheet Challenger Deep Chapters 100 – 120
  • Respond to prompt about 60 Minutes video (See Viewing).
  • DUE: Wednesday, March 7

Monday (3/5)

  1. Opening
  • Review + Preview Read Around
  • Click here for passages for read aloud by students: Review+preview1

2. Reading I

  • Meet in groups to share info collected in HOSPITAL Characters chart

3.  Reading Responses

Homework:  Read to chapter 112 and complete #1-5 listed above

DUE: Tomorrow, Tuesday, 3/6

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