December 11, 2017 to December 15, 2017
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Be sure that you have read ALL of Piecing Me Together as there will be a reading check pop quiz on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

The purpose is NOT to make your life miserable; but to cultivate good student skills, which includes completing outside-of-class required reading.

Wednesday (12/13) and Thursday (12/14)

  1. Opening

2 Writing: IN CLASS Essay: Piecing Me Together Literary Analysis Essay


  • hook
  • title/author
  • context
  • claim

**3 Body Paragraphs

  • explanation/connections
  • evidence
  • excerpts (best ones)
  • citation (correctly formated)
  • transition between paragraphs


  • restate, claim, idea/topic of body paragraphs
  • So What statement
  • “That was good!”

DUE:  End of class Friday, December 15



Tuesday (12/12)

  1.  Opening
  • Silently read both sides of the document “Strategies for Writing an Introduction” and “Strategies for Writing a Conclusion”
  • Click here for a copy: intro & concl

2. Pre-writing

  • Given a sample literary essay, find and label parts of the INTRODUCTION:
  • hook = green
  • title/author = blue
  • context = pink
  • claim = yellow
  • Given a sample literary essay, find and label parts of the the BODY PARAGRAPHS:
  • intro excerpt = green
  • excerpt = yellow
  • citation = blue
  • explanation = ping

Click here for the sample essay: Brent as a Modern Day Apprentice


3.  Begin drafting essay

Monday (12/11)

  1. Opening
  • Independently, with a partner, and as an entire class,  harken back to previous knowledge about the structure, parts, and features of a Literary Analysis Esay.
  • Click here for one student’s web:Essay structure +features

2.  Prewriting

  • Introduction of Piecing Me Together writing task
  • Prompt selection
  • Compose CLAIM + get it check by Mrs. Etheredge
  • Search for excerpts to use as evidence to support claim
  • draft introduction

Click here for pre-writing handout:    Essay Questions for PMT-1

DUE:  First page of handout listed above (just first page: Claim, text evidence 1, text evidence 2, text evidence 3).

Tuesday, 12/12

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