December 4, 2017 to December 8, 2017
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Piecing Me Together Vocabulary List 2: https://quizlet.com/249454847/piecing-me-together-vocabulary-list-2-flash-cards/

Tuesday (12/6)

  1.  Opening
  • Journal Prompts:  i.  Write about a time you wish you had spoken up.  ii. Write about a time you did speak up and tell how it turned out.iii. Write about a time when a friend got something (not necessarily a concrete thing) you really wanted. iv. Write about you were jealous.
  • Discuss personal responses + answer for Jade using examples from Piecing Me Together.

2.  Reading Check Pop Quiz over pages 158-188

3. Reading Response

  • Continue finding examples in text that support the theme about the importance of  language and having a voice.
  • Find examples on the following pages: 4,17,36,37,39,60,74,81,153,163,174
  • Click here for another retrieval chart:Motif_ Language (a recurring idea that develops a theme)

HOMEWORK:  Read PMT to page 200

Monday (12/5)

  1.  Opening
  • In collage book, write a Color/List poem similar to Jade’s on page 138
  • Click here for my example:Things That Are Pink and Pretty
  • Poem must include the following: Alliterative Title, nine lines, 9th line about person or something personified.

2.  Intro new vocabulary

3. Reading

  • Piecing Me Together to page 178

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