November 27, 2017 to December 1, 2017
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Quizlet Vocabulary Words:https://quizlet.com/_430umy

QUIZ= Friday, 12/1

DUE:  Draft = 11/30   and FINAL = 12/4

Friday (12/1)

  1.  Opening
  • prep for vocabulary quiz

2. Writing

  • complete Letter About Literature
  • attach entry coupon

3.  Reading

  • Read Piecing Me Together chapters 36-40
  • To gain practice in drawing conclusions  + constructing new meaning, create a new title for each chapter (36-40)
  • This is to be done in your Collage Book
  • DUE: Monday (12/4) 

Thursday (11/30)

  1. Opening

2.  Reading

  • Piecing Me Together reading Check : Kahoot game

3.  Writing

  • Letters About Literature: Continue draftining, assessing, revising, and  enhancing

Wednesday (11/29)

  1. Opening
  • Define terms denotation and connotation
  • Discuss using precise, specific words.
  • Complete excercise in determining nunance of difference between similar  words
  • First work independently + then in groups of 4 or 5; each group is appointed a representative to share group’s responses
  • Click here for the worksheet:nuance

2.  View TEDxTalk video on the importance of reading + vocabulary development

Click here for link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhu5x1WkrMk

Click here for viewing guide: TEDtalkKelly Corrigan


Tuesday (11/28)

  1. Opening
  • Because a major theme in Piecing Me Together is how language, word choice + articulation, are valuable tools for enhance a person’s life, today’s journal entry is exposure to 4 rather over-the-top words!
  • Use the following words in sentences:  defenestration, juxtapose, flibbertigibbet,  serendipity

2. Vocabulary

  • Movement activity:  matching words with definitions

3.  Reading

  • Read and anaylze PMT chapter 24

4. Writing

  • drafting Letters About Literature


Monday (11/27)

  1.  Opening
  • Introduce new words; grapple with them independently, with a partner, in groups of 4, and as an entire class.
  • Click here for the worksheet:Kellycorrigan vocab
  • Use the Quizlet link at top of page for the definitions.

2. Letters About Literature

  • Review content of letter.
  • Each student shares title and personal connection to the book.
  • See November 17 post for more info.

DUE:  Draft = 11/30   and FINAL = 12/4



November 17, 2017 to November 27, 2017
Nov 17th, 2017 by admin

Look at all those 7s in the title: This has to be auspicious!

Letters About Literature

  1.  Read about this national contest:  Click here:  http://www.read.gov/letters
  2.  Review a few student samples:

3.  Think about books you have read or have been read to you that influenced your choices or point of view.

4. Begin drafting your letter.


  • Book Selection = 11/27

  • letter draft = 11/30

  • final  = 11/4

Piecing Me Together

  1. Read pages 1-137
  2. Complete the retrieval chart you drew in your COLLAGE BOOK on Tuesday (11/14) + used for class work on Wednesday (11/15). Click here for a visual:PMT Pages 137
  3. Fill in MOTIF chart, which should be glued in your COLLAGE BOOK.  Click here for a copy:  Motif_ Language (a recurring idea that develops a theme).  Remember, this info is NOT the chapter titles, and it may not be Jade’s desire to learn Spanish.  These are passages that express how language, such as precise word choice, enable Jade to navigate her world + relationships.

DUE: Monday, Nov. 27



November 13, 2017 to November 17, 2017
Nov 13th, 2017 by admin

Tuesday (11/14)

  1.  Opening

2.  Reading

  • Go to library to check out Piecing Me Together.
  • If you were absent, I checked out a book for you; all choir students have a book!
  • Set up Collage book; make retreival chart to track info regarding book’s chapter titles.
  • If you were absent, ask a classmate who was present who to make the chart.
  • Now, you are set up for tomorrow’s classwork.

3. Reading/Writing

  • Letters About Literature required contest introduced.
  • Read sample letter:  Dear Valerie Tripp
  • Click here for a copy: Dear Valerie Tripp
  • Highlight in YELLOW all details about the book Kit Learns a Lesson.
  • Hightlight in GREEN all details that are Gregory’s thoughts  and connections to the book

Homework:  Complete highlighting of letter Dear Valerie Tripp (see 3. Reading/Writing for more information).

Due: Thursday, 11/16

Monday (11/13)

  1. Opening
  • Conventions: Colon Lesson
  • Click here for a copy:  Colons

2. Writing/ Editing

  • Peer- edit Confess papers

3.  Writing/ Self-assess

4.  Writing/ Revisions

  • Re-see it
  • Fix + Enhance

Homework: Confess Paper

Due: 11/13 by 11:30 pm; submit through Google Classroom


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