September 25, 2017 to September 29, 2017
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Warriors Don’t Cry (WDC) Vocabulary List 1 :  For handout click here:  Warriors Voc list 1

Click here for Quizlet:


Quiz= Friday, October 6, 2017

Thursday (9/28)


  • Using context clues, prior knowledge, and common base/root words, infer meaning of words.(See link above to handout above.)
  • In groups of 4 discuss inferred meanings.
  • As a whole class, discuss words’ meanings.

Pre-  Reading:

  • Complete sorting and labeling Warriors Don’t Cry sentence strips (this activity began on Monday).

MAPS Testing Tuesday, 9/26

  1. get a good night’s rest
  2. eat high protein breakfast

Monday (9/25)

  1. Journal Entry:  i.  What does being brave mean to you?  ii. Write about a time you exhibited bravery.  iii. Write about a time you did NOT act bravely.

2.  Reading and Responding:  Article “The real Meaning of Bravery”;  Click here for copy real meaning of brave

Respond article by selecting one prompt: i.  make a personal connection, ii. something you feel/think about differently now iii.  something

ii. something you feel/think about differently now iii.

iii.  something  you learned

iv. question(s) you have

3.  Pre-reading:  In groups cut, sort, and label sentence strips from Warriors Don’t Cry into categories relating to fear and bravery.

Other:  Parent letter sent home; click here for copy: WDC Parent letter and WDC Chapter 2 Summary

September 18, 2017 to September 22, 2017
Sep 18th, 2017 by admin

Read Every Soul a Star to page 115 by Wednesday (9/27)

Friday (9/22)

  1.  Opening:  Compose two test-like questions based on Every Soul a Star pages 1-115. One question must be multiple chose and the other is to  be true or false.
  2. Students’ questions projected on screen and read aloud.   Classmates jot down answer in journals + one student is selected to give answer.
  3. Teacher read:  Page 74 to 87.

Parts of Speech Retest is tomorrow during class (Friday, 9/22)

 Thursday (9/21)

  1.  Opening:  Activities + mini-lesson on PRONOUNS

2. Reading:  Every Soul a Star

  • Jot down this info from pages 10 – 57
  • What’s the difference between a maze and a labyrinth?
  • List the 6 Unusuals.
  • What do the following mean?  SD2, SD3, Peggy, Eta, Glenn
  • DUE tomorrow: Friday, 9/22


Wednesday (9/20)

1.  Journal entry:  author imitation/ Wendy Mass author of Every Soul a Star

2.  Conventions:  Mini-lesson on Prepostitions

  • If you were absent, you need to get this paper from the Day-to-Day Handouts bin.



Tuesday (9/19)

  1.  Check your on-line grade.  Let me know if I made any data entry errors or if you have a question.

  2. Make sure you  click “turn in” to submit your Personal Narrative in Google Classroom.


  • Journal entry:  Write about celebrity look-alikes.  There is a connection to our ALL SCHOOL READ novel, Every Soul a Star.


  • Read around of quotes taken from Every Soul a Star.  Predict characters, setting, and plot points.
  • Fold Doodle Journal.


  • Every Soul a Star pages 1-9.

Monday (9/18)


  • Practice punctuating dialogue using Quotation Maze.  Click here for a copy:Quotation Maze
  •  Make punctuating dialogue corrections in oval NOT part of route through maze.
  • With tablemate, compose 4 punctuation dialogue rules.


  • Highlight the following in personal narratives:
  • setting=yellow
  • dialogue=pink
  • blocking=orange.

Check dialogue for correct punctuation.

Self-assessment rubric: Personal Narrative rubric

DUE:  Personal Narratives MUST be submitted in Google Classroom by 11:59PM TODAY (9/18)!


September 11, 2017 to September 15, 2017
Sep 11th, 2017 by admin

Click here for opening letter: Opening letter 2017

Click here for course syllabus:  Syllabus 2017-2018docx

QUIZLET: quizlet.com/220753170/parts-of-speech-flash-cards/

Vocabulary QUIZ = Friday (9/15)

Thursday (9/14)

  1.  Vocabulary words (8 parts of speech) review. Click here for copy: parts of speech practice
  2. Practice quiz:  Given 16 words, sort them according to appropriate part of speech.  How you fared on this practice quiz should guide you in the amount of time you need to spend prepping for tomorrow’s quiz.
  3. Twenty-five to thirty minutes alloted to composing personal narrative.  Mrs. Etheredge gave feedback to majority of students (I’ll get to the rest of you tomorrow).

Due:  Personal Narrative: Person who influenced the formation of my character or worldview.  Focus on literary elements setting, dialogue, and blocking= Monday (9/18)

Wednesday (9/13)

  1.  Journal entry:  Sorting and arranging a list of adverbs.
  2. Reading/Pre-writing:  Highlighting setting details, dialogue, and blocking in “Thank You, Ma’am.”
  3. Pre-writing:  Partner story telling of narrative sketch.
  4. Signing into Google Classroom.

Due:  Seventy-five words of personal narrative to be composed in Google Classroom=Thursday (9/14)

Tuesday (9/12)

  1.  Journal entry:  List people who have influenced the formation of your identity or worldview.  Lists were shared with a partner.
  2. Reading:  “Thank You, Ma’am” by Langston Hughes.
  3. First independently and then in table groups, copies of story were marked and anotated showing author’s craft.
  4. Students returned to their Journal list to pick a topic for a personal narrative.
  5. Pre-writing  sketches started.

DUE: Narrative Pre-writing sketch= Wednesday (9/13)

Monday (9/11)

  1.  Class began with an activity using VIVID VERBS.
  2. The remaining twenty minutes was allotted to completing the Reading Response Booklets’ cover collages.

DUE:  Collage covers = Friday (9/15)

Vocabulary Quiz = Friday (9/15)


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