June 12, 2017 to June 15, 2017
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Bullwinkles Permission slip:  Bullwinkles Permission Slip

Monday (6/12)

  1.  Periods 3,4,5 met today.
  2. Warriors Don’t Cry Chapter 18 was read independently and reponses were written in Google Classroom.
  3. Next, many student made progress on creating impressive Call to Action charitable projects.

Due:  WDC Chapter 18 Google Classroom Responses:  4+5 = Tuesday (6/13)     3+6= Wednesday (6/14)

All WHITE books are due.

Bullwinkles Permission Slip
Jun 11th, 2017 by admin

Bullwinkles Permission Slip

June 5, 2017 to June 11, 2017
Jun 5th, 2017 by admin

Friday (6/9)

  1. All WHITE books are due MONDAY, June 12. Click here for list of contents.  Be sure to scroll to your class period:WHITE book entries
  2. WDC chapter 17 post-reading responses due Monday (6/2).  Click here for a copy: WDC chapter 17pre-post read

Thursday (6/8)

  1.  Periods 3,4,6 met today.
  2.  All periods, please see Wednesday’s post for agenda, handouts, and due dates.

Wednesday (6/7)

  1. Periods 3,6,5 met today.
  2. Periods 3+6, please see Tuesday ‘s post.
  3. Period 5 began with a word association activity that used words from WDC chapter 15.
  4. WDC chapter 15 was read indepenently.
  5. WDC chapter 16 was read beautifully as a readers’ theater.

Homework: WDC RR#5 should be glued in your WHITE books; click here if you need a copy: WDC RR#5

DUE:  All periods Friday, June 9.

Tuesday (6/6)

  1. Periods 6,4,5 met today.
  2. Period 6, please see Monday’s post.
  3. Class started with writing prompts that inspired a personal connection to our text.  A lively discussion ensued.
  4. WDC chapter 14 was read independently.
  5. Terms to be incorporated into a summary  were glued into WHITE books.

Homework:  WDC Chapter 14 summar/ click here for required words:Chapter 14 Summary Terms

DUE:  Period 5= Wed. (6/7) and Periods 3,4,6= Thurs. (6/8)

Monday (6/5)

  1. Periods 3,4,5 met today.
  2. Class started with 7 vocabulary words.
  3. Next, every one “performed” a role from WDC chapter 12.
  4. Class time was given for independent reading.


  1.  See last week’s entry for WDC chapter 10 RR#4.
  2. Complete original vocabulary sentences.  If needed, click here for a copy: WDC Chapter 11
  3. Read Warriors Don’t Cry through chapter 13, so that you’re ready to begin Chapter 13 next class period.
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