March 13, 2017 to March 19, 2013
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Weekend Reading:  Challenger Deep chapters 90-95

Continue adding to your charts.

Watch the movie “The Soloist”

Vocabulary Quiz (ship terms) Periods 5=Wednesday (3/15) and Periods 3,4,6=Thursday (3/16)


Thursday (3/16)

  1.  Today classes 3,4,6, met (5th period had this lesson yesterday).
  2. First,  we took the Vocabulary Nautical Terms quiz.
  3. That was followed by a mini-lesson on coordination conjunctions.
  4. We continued reading Challenger Deep and recording info on tracking charts.

DUE:  Friday (3/17) 

  1. Essay Reflection Sheet.

  2. Read Challenger Deep through chapter 89.

  3. Complete Reading Responses #8 and #9.

Wednesday (3/15)

  1. Quick notes:  Complete “Aha” sheet if you have not:  Aha!
  2. Read Challenger Deep Chapters 78-89 and respond to RR# 8

DUE:  Thursday (3/16)  and see Monday’s post regarding essay Reflection Sheet.

Monday (3/13)

  1.  Periods 3,4,5 met today.
  2. The opening activity was two puzzles that required correct punctuation to solve.
  3. Final Alligator Bayou essays were returned with a structured Reflection Sheet to be completed based on my annotations. If I wrote the words “comma splice” on your paper, you must view the videos posted below.

    This is due Friday, 3/17 for all classes.

  4. We began an “Aha” sheet to analyze Caden’s mental health deterioration and to note the structure in which Challenger Deep is written.  We will continue this during the next class period.
March 13, 2017 to March 17, 2017
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March 6, 2017 to March 10, 2017
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Challenger Deep Vocabulary List 3:  https://quizlet.com/_379r3l

Thursday (3/9)

  1.  Today periods 3,4,6 met.
  2. See #3 in Wednesday’s post for today’s lesson.

    Homework: Read Challenger Deep chapters 72-74 and complete Reading Response #7.

    DUE: All classes Friday, 3/10



Wednesday (3/8)

  1.  Today periods 3,6,5 met.
  2. Periods 3,4,6, see Tuesday’s post.
  3. Period 5 wrote a journal entry about one of the following topics:  feeling betrayed by a parent (This were so cute!), or targets for mistreatment, or what to wear to a wedding.  The topics all relate in some way to Challenger Deep. Next we completed the silent conversation protocol.

Homework: Read Challenger Deep chapters 72-74 and complete Reading Response #7.

DUE: All classes Friday, 3/10

Tuesday  (3/7)

  1. Today periods 6,4,5 met.
  2. Period 6 students, please see Monday’s post.
  3. Today’s class began with lots of puns. . . literally. Challenger Deep includes puns and puns are included in the Common Core State Standards for 8th grade.
  4. We went over Reading Response #3.
  5. Finally, we started a Silent Conversation reading protocol.

Homework:  Read Challenger Deep chapters 67-71.  Add to tracking charts.

DUE:  Period 5= Wednesday (3/8)  and Periods 3+4+6=Thursday (3/9)

Monday (3/6)

  1. Today periods 3,4,5 met.

  2. Class started with our new vocabulary words, which are nautical terms.  They are posted on Quizlet: use the link above.  In addition to defining the terms, we used them to label a Galleon.
  3. We viewed the TEDTalk: Eleanor Longden “The Voices in my Head” and discussed the similarities and differences between Caden and Eleanor.
  4. We read aloud Challenger Deep chapters 60-64.

Homework:  Read Challenger Deep chapters 60-66.  Add to tracking charts.  Answer Reading Response question #3

Due:  Periods 4+ 5 = Tuesday (3/7) and Periods 3+6 = Wednesday (3/8)


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