January 23, 2017 to January 27, 2017
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All students should have posted a LOOK IT UP! contribution on Google Classroom. 

Wednesday (1/25)

  1.  Periods 3,6,5 met today.
  2. Periods 3 + 6 continued composing “Just Because” poems and read Alligator Bayou Chapter 24 as a Readers’ Theatre.  Continue the Q+A response sheet Alligator Bayou ch. 22-26   
  3. The entire sheet is due on Friday 1/27.
  4. In period 5, I struggled to review how to correctly insert and properly punctuate in-text excerpts and citations into an essay.  Too many students were disruptive because they were playing with the highlighters. I’ll need to go back over that lesson next class period.

Tuesday (1/24)

  1.  Periods 6,4,5 met today.
  2. Period 6 should see Monday’s post.
  3. We continued gathering insight and textual evidence to more fully understand the character who will serve as the topic of the “Just Because” poems.  See item 1. below.
  4. Period 4, as a Readers’ Theatre,  read Alligator Bayou Chapter 24.  You are to complete Chapter 23 questions on the backside of Reading Guide:  Alligator Bayou ch. 22-26
  5. Period 5 read, as a Readers’ Theatre chapter 23.  We did not complete it, so you must read pages 239 to 242 and complete responses Q + A for chapters 22 and 23:  Use link about to retrieve a copy if can’t find the given in class.

Monday (1/23)

  1.  Periods 3,4,5 met today.  We added details to the Character Tracking Chart and the “Just Because Poem” was introduced. Each lesson this week will include further steps for completed this poem.  It is due on Friday, 1/27.
  2. Classes 3 + 4 read Alligator Bayou Chapter 23 as a Readers’ Theatre.
  3. Class 5 read Alligator Bayou Chapter 19 as a Readers’ Theatre.
  4. Chapter 19-21 Reading Guide:  Alligator Bayou ch. 19-21  This WAS due for period 3,4,5 today.  Period 6 is due tomorrow, 1/24
  5. Chapter 22-26 Reading Guide:  Alligator Bayou ch. 22-16 Due periods 4+5= Tuesday (1/24) and Periods 3+6=Wednesday. 1/25
January 18, 2017 to January 22, 2017
Jan 18th, 2017 by admin

Alligator Bayou Vocabulary List 3 QUIZ = Friday, January 20

click here for Quizlet:  https://quizlet.com/_1ab5gt

Thursday (1/19)

  1.  Today periods 3,4,6, meet.
  2. We read a comic strip telling how the weather pattern El Nino got its name.
  3. From there we talked about brand naming.  I shared how Wikipedia and the Camry were named.  In Alligator Bayou Chapter 19 we read the back story to the Tootsie Roll’s name.  This led to the Google Classroom assignment Look It UP!  This must be posted in Google Classroom. Go there for further instructions. Due:  Monday (1/23)


Wednesday  (1/18)

  1.  We read Alligator Bayou chapter 18 and responded by completing Q + A sheet.  Click here for a copy: Alligator Bayou Chapter 18
  2.  This is due for periods 3 + 6 = Thurs.  (1/19)   and     Periods 4 + 5 = Friday (1/20)
January 9, 2017 to January 13, 2017
Jan 8th, 2017 by admin

Alligator Bayou:  Vocabulary List 3


Vocabulary Quiz = Thursday, 1/19

Tuesday (1/10)

  1.  Today periods 6,4,5 met.
  2. Period 6, please see Monday’s post.
  3. The opening activity required sequencing the New Orleans lynching events.  By referring to Alligator Bayou pages 155 to 158, fifteen facts were ordered.  Click here for the handout:  ab-pages-155-158
  4. We finished Chapter 17 as a Readers’ Theater.
  5. We began recording chapter episodes that create tension.
  6. Here’s the HOMEWORK:  Read Alligator Bayou Chapter 18 and add two episodes of tension to the tracking chart:  Click here for a copy of tracking chart:  tension-tracking-sheet

DUE:  Period 5 = Wednesday (1/11)   Periods 3,4,6 = Thursday (1/12)

Monday (1/9)

  1.  Periods 3,4,5 met today.
  2. Class opened with vocabulary work.  The link above now WORKS.  Complete the QUIZLET DEFINITION column on your worksheet. Click here for a copy:  alligator-bayou-vocabulary-list-
  3. QUIZ:  Thursday (1/19)

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