September 26, 2016 to September 30, 2016
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Thursday (9/29)

  1.  All classes read “Monkeyman” today gathering information and recording it on the Character Tracking Chart.  If it is not completed by the end of Friday’s class, it must be finished for weekend homework.

DUE:  “Monkeyman” Character Tracking Chart Monday (10/30)

Click here for a copy of “Monkeyman” :monkeyman

Tuesday (9/27)

  1.  Period 3 did NOT meet today.
  2. Periods 4,5,6 did MAP testing.

Click here for a copy of “Monkeyman” :monkeyman

Monday (9/26)

  1.  Third period took Reading MAP test today; Period 4,5,6, will take the test tomorrow, Tuesday (9/27).
  2. Fourth and Fifth periods read, marked, and discussed an article on MICROAGGRESSIONS.  Next we viewed a snippet from the movie Gandhi.  Finally, students began reading the short story “Monkeyman” and responding on their Character Tracking Sheet.
  3. DUE:  Wilding and Girl Character Tracking Sheet Tuesday (9/27)

  4. If needed, see last week’s post for a copy of the story (“I Thought About This Girl”) and Character Tracking Sheet.
September 19, 2016 – September 23, 2016
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Weekend September 24 – 25

If you did not complete the Character Tracking Chart for the short story “I Thought About a Girl,” it is to be finished by Monday (9/26) for Periods 3,4,5, and Tuesday (9/27) for Period 6.

Click here for a copy of “I Thought About a Girl” i-thought-about-this-girl

Click here for a Character Tracking Chart: character-tracking-char

Join Quizlet to study VOCABULARY Words!



Vocabulary QUIZ is Friday (9/23)

Wednesday (9/21)

  1.  Periods 3 and 6 read the short story “Wilding”; For homework complete marking the text with episode when Zena had an opportunity to  make a choice.
  2. DUE:  Periods 3 and 6:  Finish highlighting examples of opportunity for change /choice in copies of “Wilding.”
  3. DUE:  Period 4:  Complete top row of “Wilding” response sheet.

Tuesday (9/20)

  1.  Period 6 had Monday’s lesson, so look there (below) for summary of  the lesson and assigments.
  2. Periods 4 and 5 read the short story “Wilding.”
  3. DUE :Period 4 is to complete the top row of the response sheet
  4. DUE: Period 5 students are to finish highlighting examples of opportunity for change/choice in their copy of the story.

Monday (9/19)

1.  The first list of 8th grade vocabulary words was introduced today and a great website to use as a study resource.  See the quizlet link above.

Click here for the vocabulary sheet/handout: vocab-1

DUE:  Vocabulary Sheet:  Periods 3 and  4 = Tuesday (9/20)    and     Periods 5 and 6 = Wednesday (9/21)

2.  I read through and provided written feedback on all Odes that were submitted last Friday.  Today in class, students highlighted their vivid verbs and labeled literary/poetic devices used.


September 12, 2016 – September 16, 2016
Sep 12th, 2016 by admin

Please refer to Monday’s post for information about your binder’s dividers’ labels, and other assignments given last week.

Thursday (9/15)

During the majority of class today students composed their odes.

DUE: Odes =  ALL periods

click here for requirements: odes-requirements

Wednesday (9/14)

Periods 3 and 6 worked on the ODES mentioned on Tuesday’s post.

DUE:  Sketch of your up-coming ode’s subject: Periods 3,4,6 = Thursday (9/15)

Period 5 began composing original Odes.  Click here for the requirements: odes-requirements

Additionally, please use a font size of 12 or 14 and an easily readable font style.

DUE:  ALL periods = Friday (9/16)


Tuesday (9/13)

Odes were today’s focus.  We analyzed odes by discussing  content and labeling the parts of these two examples by Gary Soto: “Ode to Pablo’s Tennis Shoes” and “Ode to Pomegranates.”

Next we compiled a list of required elements for an original ode, which will be composed next class period.

DUE:  Sketch of your up-coming ode’s subject:  Period 5 = Wednesday (9/14) and Periods 3,4,6 = Thursday (9/15)


Monday (9/12)

Today in class we continued our study of character/identity terms, ones that are precise + higher level. After  reading two articles, watching a short video clip, and recalling info from 7th grade, we characterized Ryan Lochte, Malala Yousafzia, Dory, and Ponyboy Curtis.

These activities were done independently, with a partner, in small groups, and as a whole class.

The retrieval chart used in class, must be completed for homework if you did not get done during class.

Click here if you need a new one: identity-retrieval-chart

DUE:  ID badge  = Wednesday (9/14)    and Retrieval Chart  = Tuesday (9/13) for periods 4 +5         Wednesday(9/14) for periods 3 + 6



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