November 30, 2015 to December 4, 2015
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Alligator Bayou Vocabulary List 2 https://quizlet.com/74485662/alligator-bayou-list-2-flash-cards/

Materials for Sam and Hayden, who we will miss this week!

Vocabulary handout Alligator Bayou Voc list 2

Directions for Food + Family Narrative Essay Family Meal Narrative Essay directions

Alligator Bayou text pages 35-38 for highlighting Alligator Bayou text pages 35-38

Mentor Text Borscht narrative essay Bosrscht essay

Food + Family student-written example Family Meals Student Example  + Student-written example 2

Monday (11/30)

1.  Today periods 3, 4, 6 were introduced to the new vocabulary words.  Complete the 3rd column of the chart by accessing quizlet.  See link at top of post.  A copy of the handout is also linked above should you need one.  Quiz on Friday 12/4.

2.  Several scored/graded papers were given back.  Three of them (Confess, Raven Parody, + short story quiz) were self-analyzed and stowed in student portfolios.

3.  We began to read Alligator Bayou chapter 5.  It must be completed by next class period as well as the accompanying packet page 4.  Remember packet responses must be quality level 2:  complete sentences, few spelling/grammar errors, thorough answers, neatly handwritten, + supported with textual evidence when appropriate.

Due:  Tuesday (12/1) periods  4 + 6    and Wednesday (12/2) periods 3+5


Tuesday (12/1)

1.  Today we highlighted narrative elements + literary devices + food from Alligator Bayou pages 35-36.

2.  Our next writing activity was introduced because it is based on this Alligator Bayou passage: “Carlo does the cooking.  In a way he’s the one who really makes us a family, ’cause that’s what we become when we sit down at this table to eat” (35).

3. Using food + family as a theme, we brainstormed various topics for this piece.  Originally it was to focus on a specific “dish” or family gather, but it’s fine to deviate a bit.

4.  By next class period, you should have selected a topic and have filled in the pre-writing graphic organizer : Directions for Food + Family Narrative Essay Family Meal Narrative Essay directions

5.  We will begin drafting next class period.

6.  See student-written examples at the top of this post if you should need clarification.

Wednesday (12/2) + Thursday (12/3)

1.  I am attending a workshop tomorrow, so a substitute teacher will be with you on Thursday.  Please make sure the sub has a pleasant time with you.

2.  On Friday you will be partnered with a classmate to receive + give feedback on the Food Essays; therefore, it is imperative that you have a draft of your essay in class on Friday.

3.  I’m not providing a detailed outline or requirement list for this piece as you have seen 3 examples; moreover, it’s important that you have opportunities to create your own organization style, decide what details to include, and apply all the writing tips/techniques you’ve learned as a student.

4.  Here a some requirements:

  • content revolves around the topic of FOOD + a significant experience
  • minimum 3 paragraphs
  • minimum 1 page; maximum 2 pages
  • font size 12
  • 1.5 line spacing

Drafts due Friday, December 4

Vocabulary Quiz Friday, December 4

Friday (12/4)

1.  Continue working on you r Letter About Literature  project.

Click here for formal flyer: http://www.read.gov/letters/  and here for the outline I provided for you to get you started:Letter About Literature Outline

Draft due: Friday, December 11

November 16, 2015 to November 20, 2015
Nov 16th, 2015 by admin

Alligator Bayou Vocabulary List 1:  https://quizlet.com/73537710/alligator-bayou-list-1-flash-cards

Monday (11/16)

1.  Periods 3, 4, and 6 met today.  We filled in a friendly letter template in preparation for the Letters About Literature reading and writing assignment.  The completed template due dates listed below:

  • periods 3,4,5 Thursday 11/19
  • period 6 Wednesday 11/18

 2.  I miss . . . poems were shared during class.

3.  Alligator Bayou chapter 3 was read independently, packet pages in response to chapters 1,2,3 must be completed by tomorrow (11/17) for periods 3,4,6.

Tuesday (11/17)

1.  Classes 4 and 6 engaged in lesson 2 of the week.  Following a journal write (Archie’s was quite entertaining), we read Alligator Bayou Chapter 4.  Students responded to reading by jotting down info in five fingers they had traced into the interactive notebooks.  I appreciated Aiden’s insightful response “Why does Calo like Patricia any way?”.

2.  Classes 3, 4, and 6 should have packet pages 1, 2, and 3 done.

3.  Continue work on Letters About Literature big assignment. Letter draft due: December 11  and final letter due January 6.


 4.  Sixth period, your vocabulary quiz is tomorrow, Wednesday, 11/18.

Wednesday (11/18)

1.  Periods 3,4,5, your vocabulary quiz is tomorrow, Thursday, 11/19.

2.  All periods are to have completed pages 1,2, 3 of Alligator Bayou packet.

3.  Continue work on Letters About Literature big assignment. Letter draft due: December 11  and final letter due January 6.




November 9, 2015 to November 13, 2015
Nov 9th, 2015 by admin

Please complete the Student Google Apps for Education Agreement and get a parent signature!

Student Example of I Miss… Poem click here: Student Sample I Miss Poem

Alligator Bayou Opening Act Power Point

Alligator Bayou Chefalu and Tallulah-2

Alligator Bayou Vocabulary List 1:  https://quizlet.com/73537710/alligator-bayou-list-1-flash-cards/

Monday (11/9)

1.  Today following the journal write and share, we checked out our first class novel, Alligator Bayou.

2.  Next in groups or pairs, a powerpoint + two short films were viewed as pre-reading activities.

Thursday (11/12)

1. We are into our first class novel of the school year, Alligator Bayou.

2. Most classes have read chapter 1, completed the first page of the reading guide packet, drawn a character web in our interactive notebooks, and begun drafting the I Miss poem, which is due Monday, November 16.

click here for the planning chart:I Miss Poem

I Miss … Poem Requirements:

  • five sensory images
  • one simile
  • 30+ lines
  • carefully determined line breaks
  • typed
  • size 12 or 14 font
  • 1.5 line spacing


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