February 17, 2015 to February 20, 2015
Feb 19th, 2015 by admin

All classes taking MAPS (measures of academic progress) Reading test one day this week.

1.  Writing: We have harkened back to the Historical Fiction Novel Essay that was started mid-January but interrupted to finish The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

2. This week we have been learning and applying the structure of a scholastic essay using the historical fiction books read during Winter Break.

You are required to write an introduction and one more body paragraph – – – if you submitted the first one! Composing a conclusion is an extra credit option.

click here for essay graphic organizerEssay Graphic Organizer

A few additional notes to remember

  • do NOT begin with the title and/or author; those details come near the end of the introduction
  • Greatly Limit use of is, are, was, were and other passive verbs; use active verbs
  • do NOT place two excerpts in a row; your commentary must come between excerpts
  • try using a staccato lead to a body paragraph
  • Check punctuation and capitalization meticulously
  • use a size 14 font
  • use 1.5 line spacing.

DUE:  Draft = Monday, 2/23 for periods 4,5,6 and Tuesday, 2/24 for period 4

February 9, 2015 to February 13, 2015
Feb 9th, 2015 by admin

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer final essay assessment Friday, 2/ 13

1.  Review the four lists of words that accompanied this unit of study


2.  In preparation for the essay part of the test, find 3 or more excerpts to support a claim based on the following topics:

  • How does Tom change over the course of the book?

  • Analyze Twain’s portrayal of Injun Joe.

3. Read The Adventures  of Tom Sawyer chapter 33 (you should have copy of this chapter that must be returned to me).

On the yellow slip (given in class), thoroughly answer the following questions:

i.  Did Injun Joe get what he deserved?  Explain why you think so/not.  How does Tom feel about his death?

ii. How did the people of St. Petersburg feel about Injun Joe’s funeral?

DUE:   5th + 7th = Tuesday, 2/10      4th + 6th = Wednesday. 2/11



February 2, 2015 to February 6, 2015
Feb 2nd, 2015 by admin

1.  All The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Vocabulary Review and final test on Friday 13.


2.  Reading:  If you have not completed last week’s blue worksheet on which you composed questions for

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer chapters 23 – 28, do so and turn it in your class’s basket.

ATS chapters 23 -28

3.  Today we read  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer chapter 29. You are to write a summary that includes the following terms (please underline them):

  • towel
  • “run for your life”
  • Temperance Tavern
  • three [bottles]
  • picnic
  • Widow Douglas
  • McDougal’s Cave
  • nostrils
  • revenge
  • horsewhipped
  • Welshman
  • Due Tuesday (2/3) periods 5 and 7  and Due Wednesday (2/4) periods 4 and 6






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