September 29, 2014 to October 3, 2104
Sep 30th, 2014 by admin

1. Maps Testing 1: Done

2. You have been assigned to read either “The Kid Nobody Could Handle” or “The No-talent Kid” —- both stories by Kurt Vonnegut.

3.  Response sheets are due Friday, October 3.

4.  Copies of the stories are available on this blog:  see PAGES in the sidebar to download and print your very own copy!

5. New Vocabulary “The No-Talent Kid” http://quizlet.com/51663036/the-no-talent-kid-flash-cards/

“The Kid Nobody Could Handle”http://quizlet.com/51661834/the-kid-nobody-could-handle-flash-cards/

Quiz: Wednesday, October 8


September 22, 2014 to September 26, 2014
Sep 22nd, 2014 by admin

1.  New vocabulary words were introduced today.  The word set is labelled “Jumping Frog” on QUIZLET.


i. infamous  ii. rouse  iii. interminable   iv. cavort   v. modest  vi. lattice  vii. afflicted   viii. indifferent   ix. vagabond  x. countenance  *xi. consumption  *xii. Daniel Webster  *xiii. transcendent   *xiv. Andrew Jackson  *xv. finesse2

Quiz :  Periods 4,5,6 = Friday, 9/26      Period 7 = Monday, 9/29

2.  Narrative Writing :  OH MY STORY!

As you are drafting, check requirement sheet for specifics:OH MY STORY

Draft Due Dates:  Periods 5, 7 = Tuesday, 9/23                Periods 4, 6 =  Wednesday, 9/24


3.  Final copies of OH MY STORY are due Friday, 9/26

OH MY STORY :: click for scoring guide.

Please type using size 12 font and 1.5 line spacing




September 15, 2014 to September 19, 2014
Sep 15th, 2014 by admin

1. Binder check on Friday!  Include 5 tabs with the following labels: Literature, word collections, writing, conventions, resources

2. New vocabulary: http://quizlet.com/48852745i.

i. cynical    ii. incredulous    iii. empathy    iv. frenzy    v. lain    vi. snipe    vii. moor   viii. mope    ix. rural   x. sanctuary   *xi. treacherous  *xii. mackintosh   *xiii. wraith  *xiv. dubious  *xv. ritual

Quiz: Friday, 9/19

3. Reading: Complete question and answer sheet that accompanies “The Open Window.”  There is a link to a copy of the story in the sidebar.

Due: Periods 7  on  Tuesday, 9/16

           Periods 4, 5, 6 on Wednesday, 9/17


4. Highlight “Letters from Outdoor School”

  • interior monologue in green

  • dialogue in pink

  • setting in orange

  • blocking in yellow

Letter from Outdoor School page 1

Letter from Outdoor School page 2

Narrative Criteria

Due:  Tomorrow, 9/19



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