Monday, June 4, 2012
Jun 4th, 2012 by admin

8th Grade

Today’s class started with an article from The Oregonian  “Yes, we’ll miss you, Tootsie Roll Bob” about a benevolent Portland police office who exemplified positive community law enforcement, especially with teenagers.  Next we read Whirlgig chapter “Bellevue, Washington,” and set up the juxtaposition sheets.  If you were absent, your classmates will explain how they are to be filled out.
I will be spending time with my family who have traveled from Ohio for my only child’s (Corey) graduation.  However, I’ll be checking my e-mail, and I can zip over to Athey as I live 3 miles away if need be.

I’ll definitely stop by to collect papers from the in-basket.

Be wonderful.

7th Grade

We continued our reading of The Outsiders, and I informed students about a quiz on Chapters 1-6 tomorrow, June 5th. As we have only one class set of the book, we will be reviewing in-class before the quiz tomorrow. Our class discussions and the work done for literature circles would suggest that everyone can pass this quiz, so no panicking! We also watched a quick clip of West Side Story and discussed the similar themes between the clip and the book we’re reading. Students will also be working on a group essay in class this week as part of their final assessment for the unit.

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