Friday, September 29, 2011
Sep 29th, 2011 by admin

7th Grade

1.  Post on the reading blog by 5:00 tomorrow.  You may need to click on the September archives and then view older blogs to find the prompt.

2. Your vocabulary webs are due tomorrow.  Remember the four spokes can be synonyms, related words, or examples.  If you don’t have your word list, the words are on Monday’s post.

3. Complete the Name Paper graphic organizer and draft your introduction paragraph.

8th Grade

1.  Vocabulary packets are due tomorrow, and there is a test on the words.  The words are listed on Monday’s post.

2. Post on the 8th Grade Reading Blog by Friday at 5:00.

3.  Make sure you have submitted you Insider/Outsider packet: graphic organizer, highlighted draft, and clean, best-draft version.

Monday, September 26, 2011
Sep 26th, 2011 by admin

7th Grade

  1. Scroll down to find your Reading Blog assignment.  You may need to visit the September Archives.
  2. Vocabulary word webs are due on Friday, 9/30

Here are the words — if you don’t have the handout.

1. pursue

2. trudge

3. immigrant

4. sheepish

5. ethnicity

6. commencement

7. scowl

8. forbade

9. linger

10. conviction

8th Grade

  • Scroll down to find your Reading Blog assignment.  If you can’t access it on this page, go to the September Archives, where it will allow you to see older posts.
  • Insider/Outsider final drafts due on Wednesday, 9/28.  Highlight the following on your draft: dialogue, blocking, and interior monologue (that should be in intalic type).
  • Two Vocabulary Exercises, due Friday 9/30 + quiz.






8th Grade Reading Blog 9/26-9/30
Sep 26th, 2011 by admin

Post the title and author of the book you’re currently reading.  Find an example of the author’s use of a short and long sentence together (long sentence can come before short sentence).  Write the sentence between quotation marks and place the page number in parenthesis.

Here’s an example from The Giver by Lois Lowry: “Release of newchildren was always sad, because they hadn’t had a chance to enjoy life with in the community yet.  And they hadn’t done anything wrong” (7).

Your post must be between 50 and 70 words and posted by 5:00 PM Friday (9/30)

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