Tuesday, November 30, 2010
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ATTWN voc 1 list  7th Grade vocabulary list with definitions can be found by clicking  this link.

7th Grade

Sixth period started on the Agatha Christie/And Then There Were None unit of study.  First a power point mini-bio on Agatha Christie was viewed; then we read chapter one, where we were introduced to eight of the ten characters.  Because distinguishing the characters becomes murky during the novel, a graphic organizer will be used to record specific details for each charcter.  This was begun today too.

Vocabulary cards are due and the vocabulary quiz will be Friday, December 3. The back-of-the-cards activity is to write a sentence with the word and include a prepositional phrase in the sentence also. 

For example: Troy takes time to organize his binders every day, yet he is surprisingly lax about putting his clean clothes in his dresser drawers.

8th Grade

This is short story and literary terms review week.

Monday, November 29, 2010
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ATTWN voc 1 list —7th Grade vocabulary list

7/8 Blend

Come in with ideas and details to enhance your imaginative narratives.

7th Grade

Finish your vocabulary cards.  I have added a link above  to the word list, part of speech, and definitions.

On the backside of each card, write a sentence using the word, and a prepositional phrase.  Refer to your pig for the prepositions.

This is due on Friday, December 3.  There will be a quiz that day too.

8th Grade

Today we began reviewing the pieces we read during our short story unit. We’ll continue tomorrow in class.

Make sure you have completed the literary terms poster.

November 19 to November 29
Nov 20th, 2010 by admin

7/8 Blend

Most students have determined the idea for their imaginative narrative (story).  I provided a graphic organizer in class, which some of you claimed stifles your writing, so you have a  choice: plan your piece using the graphic organizer before you compose; or fill it in when you complete your first draft.  Either way, eventually you must fill in the graphic organizer.  If you are working on this during the break, remember to include the following story elements: setting, characters, dialogue, plot line, conflict, climax, and resolution.

7th Grade

The Preposition Place Poster is due right after our break, Monday, November 29. Here’s a summary of the assignment: Create a setting such as a basketball court or vegetable garden; then establish an item or object to move through your setting (a basketball is the obvious item on a basketball court, and a snail might be a good choice in the vegetable garden; as your object moves around the setting you must show its route, and each time it encounters something, write a sentence that includes a prepositional phrase (i.e. The basketball swished through the net, or The snail nibbled around the parsley.)

Select your words intentionally, similar to the examples I shared that Jill wrote. All text must be black line; in fact, many students said they were going to type them, cut them out, and glue them onto the poster.

8th Grade

I hope you all enjoy Truman Capote’s “A Thanksgiving Visitor” because it is a tremendous story by a noteworthy American writer. Although, it is a long short story and not the easiest read, you will be a more impressively literate person when you’re finished!

Refer to the salmon-colored sheet given out in class that lists the variety of ways to respond to the five excerpts you select. Also, fill in examples of the literary terms as you read.

This is so good for you!

The five double entry responses and literary terms’ examples are due on Monday, November 29.

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