October 16, 2017 to October 20, 2017
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Warriors Don’t Cry Vocabulary List 2/ Click here for handout WDC Vocabulary List 2

Words on Quizlet:   https://quizlet.com/_3ubzr7

QUIZ= Friday, 10/20

Thursday (10/19)

  1. Opening

2. Writing

  • Sharing of “A Mighty Girl” Found Poems
  • October 20 is National Writing Day, so each student contributed a post-it sized original writing piece to hallway display.

3. Reading

  • Read WDC chapter 17 + complete Q+A sheet:  Click here for a copy: WDC Chapter 17


  1.  Read WDC Chapter 17 while completing Q+ A (available above)

  2. Collage BOOK: make sure you have all required entries

DUE: Friday, 10/20


Wednesday (10/18)

  1.  Opening
  • Read Article “A Mighty Girl”; highlight important language; staple in Collage Book page 19/ Click here for a copy:Mighty Girl
  • On Collage Book page 2o, compose a FOUND POEM inspired by Janey Forsyth./ Click for examples:found poem 1 found poem 2 found poem

2. Reading

  • WDC chapter 16

3. Research

  • group assigned Activists’ organizations; Look up!


  1. Complete Found Poem
  2. Complete reading WDC chapter 16
  3. LOOK-UP Oranizations
  4. DUE: Thursday (10/19)

Tuesday (10/17)

  1. Opening
  • Read article “1961 Freedom Riders”; click here for a copy:  The Freedom Riders
  • In Collage Book on page 17, write five facts from article.

2.  Pre-Reading

  • Word Associations on Collage Book page 18.  (Attendance necessary for this activity)

3. Reading

  • WDC chapter 15

3.  Research

  • Each student selects two  service or charity organization  to research:  provide name of organiziation + services provided


  • Read WDC pages 176-182

  • LOOK-UP! Two charity organizations

DUE: Wednesday (10/18)

Monday (10/16)

  1.  Opening:

2.  Reading:

  • In groups of five, read assigned WDC text, + write 4-word summary on back side of square.
  • Share each reading sections’ summaries

HOMEWORK: Read WDC chapter 14 and complete #2 and #3 on sheet glued in Collage Book.  See Opening.

DUE: Tuesday, (10/17)


October 9, 2017 to October 11, 2017
Oct 9th, 2017 by admin

Warriors Don’t Cry Vocabulary List 2/ Click here for handout WDC Vocabulary List 2

Words on Quizlet:   https://quizlet.com/_3ubzr7

QUIZ= Friday, 10/20

Tuesday (10/10)

  1. Opening
  • On  page 12 of  your Collage Book make a T-chart.  Label the left side WELCOMING and label the right side HOSTILE.
  • Find passages in Chapters 8+9 when students + adults welcome the integrating studnets to Central High and passages when some people are aggressively unwelcoming.  Include the page numbers.

2. Reading

  • WDC chapter 9

DUE: Wednesdy (10/11)

Monday (10/9)

  1.  Opening
  • On page 10 of  your Collage Book write about a worst day at school; it may be fact, fiction, or a combo.

2.  Reading Review

  • WDC Chapter 7 class read around
  • WDC Chapter 4 Q + A; turned in
  • WDC Chapter 5 During Reading Guide; turned in

3.  Reading

  • WDC Chapter 8 in-class Readers’ Theatre

Homework: DUE: Tuesday, 10/10

  • Complete reading of Chapter 8
  • RR# 3 : How do the adults – – – principal, vice principal, teachers, office staff, drivers – – – respond to the arrival of the Black students?  How does (do you think) this affects Melba’s feelings about attending Central High School?
October 2, 2017 to October 6, 2017
Oct 2nd, 2017 by admin

Warriors Don’t Cry (WDC) Vocabulary List 1 :  For handout click here:  Warriors Voc list 1

Click here for Quizlet:


Friday, 10/6= Vocabulary Quiz

Thursday (10/5)

  1.  Opening

2. Responding to reading

  • Chapter 4 Q + A done in groups/ Click here for a copy:WDC ch4
  • Chapter 5 Pre-read predictions/ Click her for a copy: WDC Chapters 5 +

Homework:  Read WDC chapter 5 and complete During Reading column of  sheet posted above

DUE:  Friday, 10/6



Wednesday (10/4)

  1.  Opening

2.  Reading: Prose +Poetry

  • Read Warriors Don’t Cry pages 34 -37 to create context for poem
  • Read poem “Soul Make a Path through Shouting”; click here for a copy Soul Make a Path Through Shouting
  • Read poem + sketch images in the margins
  • Staple poem to page 7 of CollageBooks

3.  Reading: Informational Text

  • Read article “NAACP Symbolically Buries the n-word”; click here for a copy WDC word usage article
  • Mini-funeral:  using sharpies blackout n-word in poem “Soul Mage a Path  through Shouting”

Homework:  Read WDC chapter 4

Due: tomorrow, Thursday, 10/5

Tuesday (10/3)

  1.  Opening:

2. Reading

  • WDC Chapter 2 pop quiz
  • Pre-read  Chapter 3 Read Around
  • Read WDC Chapter 3

3. Respond to reading

  • Glue prompt into Collage Book :  Compose a diary entry from Melba’s perspective as she prepares for her first day to Central High School.  What is she exited about?  What does she fear?
  • Write this using the greeting Dear Diary and using first person pronouns.
  • Due tomorrow, Wednesday, 10/4

Monday (10/2)

  1. Opening :
  • On page 4 of your Collage Book, respond the prompt below:
  • On page 7, Melba writes about sensing her parents’ unspoken rule and fear about crossing some invisible line.  She over hears many discussions about “how to cross the line, when to cross the line, and who can cross that invisible line without getting hurt.
  • What are some invisible lines that exist in your life?  Do you ever cross them?  When do you cross lines?  Who can cross that invisible lines?

2.  Reading Informational Text

  • Click here for a copy:Brown v. the Board of Education
  • Highlight the CLAIM (main idea) in all seven sections using a YELLOW highlighter. Do NOT highlight complete sentences.
  • Highlight supporting details in a color of your choice.
  • Store this document on page 5 of your collage book.


3. Reading

  • Warriors Don’t Cry chapter 2

4. Homework : Read WDC chapter 2

  • Due tomorrow Tuesday, 10/3


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