4th Quarter Handouts

“Nothing More” – Song Lyrics


Binder Sections – Handouts

“Vocabulary” Section in Binder

BINGO Card Template for ROOT WORDS

BINGO Card Template


Root Word List # 4

Root Word List #3

Root Word List #2

Vocabulary Root Word #1

Vocabulary #4 – The Running Dream

Vocabulary #3 “The Running Dream”

Vocabulary #2 – Terms Handout

Vocabulary #1 – Literary Terms



“Reading” Section in Binder

Book Club Talking Stems

Story Map Page 1

Story Map Page 2


“My Writing” Section in Binder

“7th Grade” Edit Worksheet Practice Edit (We completed and corrected this.)

Narrative Essay (Students wrote this paper 1st quarter – it has a purple score sheet attached.)

White “Feedback” Form (Students met with the teacher and received individual feedback on what to work on with future narratives.  They highlighted the areas discussed in that conference on this white handout.)


Resource Handouts

You can download and print the handouts in red, but need to get the ones in blue from Mrs. Bowen.

Citing Evidence in Literary Essays

Clauses Notes Part 1

Clauses Notes Part 2

Types of Sentences Notes

Run-ons and Fragments and Comma Splices Notes

Figurative Language – Definitions & Examples

Narrative Openings


 THEME Notes


*See Mrs. Bowen for the following Resource Handouts:

“Smiley Face Tricks”