Welcome to Athey Creek Middle School and 7th grade science!
The curriculum of seventh grade science is made up of various topics with the focus being Life Science (introduction to Biology). It will include science activities, labs, demonstrations, scientific reading, writing and vocabulary, field work at our pond and garden spaces and field trips.

For 7th grade, the major topics to be studied include:
Introduction to Science: What is science?; Lab safety; Scientific method/inquiry; Metric system
Astronomy: Basic planetary studies; Moon cycle and tides; Seasons
Introduction to Matter: Basic concepts of Chemistry; Atomic structure; Periodic Table of Elements; Elements, Compounds and Molecules
Microorganisms and Fungi: Characteristics of living things; Classification; bacteria and viruses, antibiotics and vaccines; protists and fungi; field work at the Athey Creek Pond; How to use a Microscope
Cell Biology: Cell structure of living things: plant, animal, bacteria; parts and functions of cells including cell division, cancer.
Genetics: Principles of genetics, inheritance factors, family pedigrees, DNA structure and chemical makeup, genetic diseases and disorders
Natural Selection/Evolution: Geologic time and history, fossil samples, natural selection and adaptations, primate characteristics and comparison of structures
Plants: Plant structure and function, plant processes including photosynthesis and respiration; starting and growing seeds in our school garden; Field Trip: Crest Farm.

While studying these topics, we will also look at environmental and societal concerns related to each. We will discuss current Science News topics on a daily basis.

Assignment and Quizzes are posted on the 7th Grade iCal link on the 7th Grade “Academics” link. Please visit to get info on assignments, quizzes and review guides and due dates!